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Publisher and serial entrepreneur Ramon Ray
Publisher and serial entrepreneur Ramon Ray

APRIL 2017


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Undergraduate winners Ameer Shakeel and Payam Pourtaheri of UVA



Historic Patent found in Attic




Smithsonian Innovation FestivalDecember 2015

On the Road to Invention with SBIR - A program of the Small Business Administration offers grants to help commercialize invention

Celebrating Innovation - The Smithsonian Innovation festival welcomed 30,00 visitors to see innovations in chocolate, cars and even space suits

Walk Tall and Innovate - This inventor creates a method for making prosthetics that are functional works of art

Innovation Brewing - Enjoy a cold one, thanks to these beer and brewing patents

Fee Reminders and Tips for Micro Entity Status - Reduced fees are available for those who meet micro entity status

Futuristic image of man wearing glasses representing innovationAugust 2015

Innovation by the Millions - What was the 1 millionth patent? The 5 millionth?

Pro Se Update - Resources to help those filing without a lawyer ("pro se")

A Tangled Dream - The inventor of the Drain Wig wants to keep shower drains clean, and possibly save your marriage.

The Promise of Innovation - 5 of our favorite patents that show the future is now.

Prioritized Examination Popular with Small and Micro Entities - Track One applications can reduce the amount of time for a patent to issue, and are proving popular with small and micro entities.

August and September Events - Upcoming events for inventors

The 2015 National Inventors Hall of Fame InducteesJUNE 2015

  • National Inventors Hall of Fame Inducts Next Class of Innovators
  • Inventing Humanity
  • In the Garden
  • New Options for U.S. Design Applicants
  • June and July Events



Portraits of Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow and the patent application drawing of US Patent number 2,929,922 for the Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationMARCH 2015

Lasers, Patents and Progress: the Spirit of Follow-on Innovation

Science Fiction to Science Fact

My Milestone Patents

Philosophy of Innovation

Searching with CPC

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