The USPTO is seeking soon-to-be graduates and professionals with backgrounds in graphic design/art, as well as engineers with backgrounds in biomedical, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering

On April 28, the USPTO announced that it is seeking nominations for the 2021 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the nation’s highest honor for technological achievement 

On April 23, President Joseph R. Biden issued a proclamation for World IP Day: "This year, on World Intellectual Property Day, we celebrate the innovators and creators who enrich our lives and create the products, services, companies, and industries of tomorrow."

On April 5, the USPTO announced that it will be launching a special category of its Patents for Humanity Program for inventions that address the COVID-19 pandemic

The broad scope of new products and services that build on AI technologies suggests that AI has the potential to fundamentally change how people perceive the world around them and live their daily lives. This is the essence of technological progress, and realizing these changes happens through innovation.
- The 2020 USPTO AI report