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Welcome to the USPTO’s hub for resources and information for inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. This page provides you centralized access to a variety of products and services available from the USPTO and encourages active participation in the innovation ecosystem.



Assess your IP

Guard your valuable work

You need to know the value of your IP if you want to attract investors, and you must know how to protect it if you want to succeed. You may even have IP assets you haven't considered!

Protect yourself

Avoid scams

Don't be mislead and pay thousands of dollars to unscrupulous private companies that have made false claims or fraudulent solicitations. The following resources can help you avoid being fooled.

Get free assistance

Filing support and legal help

Learn about free services that will help you when filing your patent or trademark application.

In your area

Find resources nationwide

The USPTO provides resources and assistance at locations throughout the United States to make filing for a patent or registering a trademark easier and more affordable.