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IP Policy and international affairs: China Policy

U.S. companies doing business in or with the People’s Republic of China face a range of challenges in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property (IP) there. To assist them, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) helps formulate U.S. policy, advocates for reforms to China’s IP environment, and works closely with U.S. companies and rights holders on IP protection and enforcement issues in China.

This includes:

  • Working with companies and other stakeholders in the United States, China, and other locations to resolve China IP issues.
  • Providing information and conducting public outreach and programs that educate U.S. companies on how to protect and enforce their IP in China.
  • Advising and coordinating with other U.S. government agencies on strategies to promote U.S. IP policy, encourage effective IP protection and enforcement in China, and secure high IP standards in (and implementation of) trade agreements.
  • Engaging with China’s IP agencies and its judiciary in training, informational programs, and exchanges to improve China’s IP environment and promote bilateral cooperation.
  • Improving IP collaboration among the world’s five largest IP offices, including China, through such groups as the IP5 (for patents), the ID5 (for industrial designs), and the TM5 (for trademarks), with the goal of improving and streamlining patent and trademark application and registration procedures.


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