Summer's patents pick 5 article

Summer Adventuring Patents

Elizabeth Chu, Office of the Chief Communications Officer

Whether you’re climbing the highest mountain, hiking around the neighborhood, or camping out in the backyard, the latest Patents Pick 5 features some useful patents to keep your sense of adventure fresh all summer long.

Note: This article is part of an ongoing series detailing some of the Inventors Eye staff’s favorite patents. For each article the writer selects her five favorite patents under a given theme. This list is from USPTO social media specialist Elizabeth Chu.

Cushioning and Absorptive Means for the Feet
U.S. Patent No. 4805319

Runners and joggers aren’t the only ones who need shock absorption for their feet. For those of us hiking this summer, cushioning and impact absorption can go a long way, especially on a two, five, or 10-mile hike! The “encapsulation of a cellular insert” described in U.S. 4,805,319 is meant to provide comfort for any wearer due to the specially woven material, such as polymer or nylon.


Backpack Cooler Construction
U.S. Patent No. 4673117

How do you keep a stack of six packs cool on a long and hot hike? U.S. 4,673,117 is one useful way. This patent is for a backpack cooler that specifies an insulated foam core with a cloth sheath and a reinforcing liner to keep drinks cool. It’s an easy way to make hiking a group activity, or a convenient way to pack multiple drinks for a camping trip. The next challenge is to figure out whose job it is to carry it up the mountain...


Hiking and Survival Backpack
U.S. Patent No. 3144014

If your camping survival plan goes beyond carrying six packs, then consider the subject matter in U.S. 3,144,014. This portable camp stove can be carried comfortably on a user’s back. Its advantages include the use of liquefied petroleum gases so campers can spend more time cooking and less time searching for firewood.

Bottle Nesting Cup with Three-position Handle
U.S. Patent No. 4505390

Hydration—it's important and necessary for any hike and especially if you’re going camping. Therefore, containers like the one described in U.S. 4,505,390 come in handy when you need to travel light and there’s no room for bottles, cups, and pots. In 1985, Ronald K. Kirk, Jr. received a patent for a bottle nesting cup with a three-position handle. Hang it over a stove, hold it while drinking water, or heat it on a stove-top with the handle outstretched. Kirk not only thought of the many uses campers and hikers could get out of this device for food and drink, he also thought of storage; the cup conveniently nests underneath a hiker’s water bottle. Great for light packers!


Camp Fire Utensil Holder
U.S. Patent No. 670144

Once you make camp, it’s time to eat! Charles E. Bond received this patent, U.S. 670,144, in 1901 to keep utensils clean and within reach on a camping trip. The campfire utensil holder described in this patent provides adjustable arms used as shelves or support for utensils, pots, and cups. 

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