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Initial Application Form

Response Forms

Intent-to-Use (ITU) Forms

Post-Approval/Publication/Post-Notice of Allowance (NOA) Amendment Forms

Correspondence and Attorney/Domestic Representative Forms

Petition Forms

Miscellaneous Forms

Registration Maintenance/Renewal Forms

Assignment Forms

  • Assignments
  • Change of name
  • Other conveyances of title

You can file your assignment online through the Electronic Trademark Assignment System (ETAS) at

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Forms

  • Request for Extension of Time to File an Opposition
  • File a New Proceeding (Notice of Opposition; Petition for Cancellation; Appeal of Refusal to Register)
  • File Documents in an Existing Board Proceeding

You can file your TTAB submissions online through the Electronic System for Trademark Trial and Appeals (ESTTA) at

Madrid Protocol Forms