Reviving an abandoned application

If your application is abandoned, it's no longer live and can’t mature into a registration. This can happen for many reasons; for example, if you missed the filing deadline to respond to an office action. We will send you a Notice of Abandonment to notify you if your application is abandoned, but you can also see the status of your application in the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system

If your application is abandoned but you still want to pursue a trademark registration, you may be able to revive your application by filing a petition.  

Forms and requirements to revive

Forms and requirements vary and depend on the reason your application was abandoned.  

What happens next 

After we review your petition, we will notify you to let you know that your petition has been granted, dismissed, denied, or that it's incomplete. We'll send correspondence to the applicant or the authorized attorney, but you can also view it in the documents tab in TSDR.   

Your petition is granted 

If your petition is granted, we'll revive your application and continue the examination where we left off.  

Your petition is incomplete

If your petition is incomplete, we'll issue a Deficiency Letter asking you to submit whatever is missing and when you must respond. File a Response to Petition to Revive Deficiency Letter form to submit the missing items.  

Your petition is dismissed or denied 

If your petition is dismissed or denied, you can request that we reconsider it if there are new facts that you haven't already presented. File your request no later than two months after the issue date of your petition decision, and use the Petition to Director form. In step 3 of the form, select “Other” and enter “review denial of a petition to revive.” 

Your request for reconsideration must include:  

If your request to reconsider your petition is denied and you still want to pursue a registration for your trademark, you must file a new application, pay the required filing fee, and begin the application process again. See trademark basics to learn more or file your application if you're ready to apply.