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Save the Date for the 2017 Independent Inventors Conference

Do you have questions about how to file for patents and trademarks? Want to learn more about taking your invention from concept to marketplace? Looking for insight from the experts? The 2017 Annual Independent Inventors Conference promises to be a fantastic opportunity for inventors and entrepreneurs to learn about intellectual property and incorporating it into your business strategy.

Save the date and be on the lookout for more information.

When: August 11-12, 2017
Where: USPTO Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia

For more information, email oidevents@uspto.gov.

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The USPTO gives you useful information and non-legal advice in the areas of patents and trademarks. The patent and trademark statutes and regulations should be consulted before attempting to apply for a patent or register a trademark. These laws and the application process can be complicated. If you have intellectual property that could be patented or registered as a trademark, the use of an attorney or agent who is qualified to represent you in the USPTO is advised.