Inventors Eye
September 2010; volume one, issue one.0

The USPTO's bimonthly publication for the independent inventor community

Welcome to the first issue of InventorsEye, a new electronic publication by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. InventorsEye is for and about America’s independent and small entity inventor community. It is a community that has always been a vital and vibrant part of America’s invention heritage.

InventorsEye will appear every other month. Each issue will feature information you can use, tips on working with the USPTO; events, organizations and meetings of interest to the community; issues that impact independent and small entity inventors; and stories about people like you who have become successful inventors. We also want to hear from you with your ideas for stories and features that will enable us to better serve you through this publication.

A man (David Kappos) sits at his office desk

Patent Reform:
Good for Independent Inventors and Small Businesses

We at the USPTO are committed to providing America’s innovators with the tools you need to put your ideas to work. That means providing high quality patents in a timely manner and giving your inventions reliable IP protection. Independent inventors and small businesses do critical research and development every day, and the innovative goods and services you produce benefit society and fuel our economy by creating new businesses and jobs. My goal is to help you bring those goods and services to market, to build economic opportunity, and to maintain America’s place as the innovation capital of the world.

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The Spiral Eye Needle
Spark of Genius

I met an inventor a couple years ago that had a simple, yet unique invention. The invention is called the “Spiral Eye Needle” and was invented by Pam Turner of Minnesota. As I was walking around the expo exhibit space, I noticed a crowd around one of the booths. I passed it by and returned later to another crowd.

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 A sewing needle with an unusual eye stuck in a red and green pincushion
  Thomas Edison on his telephone "doing his homework"
Do Your Homework

How do I get a patent, where do I start? Our reply is always the same, Do your homework.
  An old timey calendar
Where Inventors Meet

DC Regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition on March 4th, and more near your neighborhood.
  A graphic of a network of people

Organizations and resources for the independent inventor community.
in this issue
Patent Reform
An Open Letter
Protect Your Innovation: Avoid Scams
By Ronald Jaicks: Office of the Solicitor
Spark of Genius: The Spiral Eye Needle
By John Calvery: Inventors Assistance Program
Do Your Homework
Where Independent Inventors Meet
Organizations for Inventors


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