USPTO events that advance equity

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is committed to expanding access to the innovation ecosystem. We offer many programs and events that inspire and encourage inventors and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and geographies to develop their ideas and seek intellectual property protection for them. Scroll down to learn more about USPTO events that advance equity.

Upcoming events

Invention-Con is the USPTO's annual conference for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners whose success depends on guarding their creative work.

Past events

Learn how to commercialize your innovation.

Learn how innovators are using their experiences and inventions to build a better tomorrow.

Learn how successful innovators approach, understand, and solve challenges.

Learn how exceptional innovators discovered their inspiration for success and commercialization.

Learn about the economic impact of women in business and how social trends are affecting professional growth and business opportunities.

Successful innovators and USPTO staff discuss investing in intellectual property and building wealth.

Successful innovators and USPTO staff discuss best practices and vital resources to help other innovators protect their creative work and build businesses.

Legal experts discuss ways to increase diversity among intellectual property practitioners in the private sector. The panel addresses retention and advancement, unconscious bias, and diversity at senior levels.

Representatives from the USPTO and Santa Clara University School of Law’s High Tech Law Institute present best practices and a guide for increasing diversity among inventors.

Representatives of intellectual property offices from around the world discuss how some countries have increased the participation of women in their intellectual property systems.

Veterans who are also innovators share their experiences with and best practices for intellectual property protection, and representatives from several organizations discuss resources for veterans.

Successful Hispanic innovators discuss the importance of intellectual property, the need to build networks and find mentors, and resources for the Hispanic innovation community.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and USPTO staff discuss ways to use intellectual property to achieve success, resources available for innovators, and the importance of an intellectual property strategy.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) innovators discuss creating change, building legacies, securing funding, and networking.

Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander inventors discuss their world-changing technological achievements and their work in the fight against COVID-19.

Successful women innovators discuss ways to identify a market segment for sales and growth, and best practices and successful habits in today’s changing business climate.

Mar 25, 2021 - Virtual

Explore how to create inclusive STEM environments that make it possible for students of all abilities to be successful inventors and innovators.

Experts discuss small business loans, crowdfunding, and other investment funding sources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Experts discuss government resources, free legal services, and support for small business owners.

Experts discuss opportunities for girls and women in computer science, invention, and STEM; ways to nurture girls’ confidence in entrepreneurship; and programs to encourage young women in invention and STEM.

The 2021 Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium kickoff provides information about navigating today’s changing marketplace and challenges and opportunities for women.

Artist Elizabeth “Liz” Montague and Google art director Angelica McKinley provide a behind-the-scenes view of their collaboration to produce a “doodle” for Google’s homepage.

Three contemporary Black women inventors discuss their amazing career paths and game-changing inventions.

Veterans who are inventors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and intellectual property professionals share ways to make connections and learn about useful resources.

The USPTO hosts the inaugural meeting of the National Council for Expanding American Innovation, which will develop a national strategy to diversify the innovation ecosystem.

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and USPTO staff discuss ways to use intellectual property to achieve success, resources available for innovators, and the importance of an intellectual property strategy.

Apr 26, 2018 - Washington, DC

Inspirational women inventors discuss their groundbreaking and life-enhancing innovations and empower other women to transform our world.