Invention-Con 2022: Inspiring and redefining the innovative mindset


Invention-Con 2022 -- August 10-12

If you dream of being a successful innovator, get ready for the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) free, online conference, Invention-Con 2022: Inspiring and redefining the innovative mindset, coming August 10-12 from noon to 5 p.m. ET daily. Register for this special event.

Join us as successful inventors, accomplished entrepreneurs, and expert USPTO staff demonstrate how intellectual property protection is key to your success, share invaluable resources for innovators, offer tips on business strategy, and give insights into working with the USPTO to patent your invention or register your trademark.

Check this page for updates, including a detailed agenda, workshop descriptions, and speaker information as the event approaches.

Invention-Con is the USPTO's annual conference for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners whose success depends on guarding their creative work. This program is presented by the USPTO's Office of Innovation Outreach. For more information, please contact

This event is part of a series: Advancing Equity, Invention-Con