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Patent Center fully replaces USPTO legacy systems for filing and managing patent applications online

As part of our modernization efforts to provide customers with more efficient and effective IT tools, today we are officially retiring the decades-old EFS-Web and Private PAIR.

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Coming soon: USPTO’s new modernized assignment system is replacing ETAS and EPAS

The USPTO is reforming the Electronic Trademark Assignment System (ETAS) and Electronic Patent Assignment System (EPAS) into one cohesive and modernized system: the Intellectual Property Assignment System (IPAS).

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USPTO Virtual Assistant now available for Patents customers

The Virtual Assistant provides answers to common customer questions and makes it easier to find the status of your patent application. The tool will guide you to the most up-to-date information in Patent Center. 

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USPTO launches updated website search tool to strengthen search experience for all web visitors

The USPTO is launching an updated tool to search for general information on www.uspto.gov. The improved search experience introduces new features, functionality, and customization for visitors using the search bar.

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Patent Center to fully replace USPTO legacy system for filing and managing patent applications online

EFS-Web, Private PAIR to retire November 15 as updated Patent Center combines functionalities of older system with new enhancements that provide an improved user experience.

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Introducing the USPTO’s new cloud-based trademark search system with basic and advanced search options

The USPTO is launching a beta version of our new trademark search system to make searching for trademark registrations and/or applications easier.

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Announcing improved search tools to strengthen USPTO service to America’s innovators

The USPTO is implementing upgrades to several of our search tools to make it easier for our customers to find what they’re looking for in a faster, more reliable way.

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Volunteer to improve the USPTO website experience

The USPTO is asking for volunteer feedback from our customers to enhance and modernize our digital spaces.

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USPTO introduces new tool to help creators identify their intellectual property

Director Kathi Vidal announced the launch of the agency’s new intellectual property (IP) Identifier tool

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USPTO launches new Virtual Assistant

USPTO launches Trademarks Virtual Assistant to enhance customer service

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Convenient Patent Public Search tool replacing four legacy systems this fall

On September 30, the USPTO's new Patent Public Search tool (PPUBS) is replacing four legacy tools

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Modern, user-friendly Patent Center to fully replace legacy Public PAIR system this summer

The already operational Patent Center provides a faster, more streamlined search experience for applicants accessing publicly available patents and application file information