USPTO launches new Virtual Assistant

You may have noticed a new feature on some Trademark webpages. We recently launched the USPTO Virtual Assistant to enhance customer service by providing immediate, targeted answers to common customer questions. Initially a beta release focusing on trademark content, we plan to eventually add the Virtual Assistant to more USPTO webpages and include patent-related information.

“The USPTO is rethinking all of our offerings to create a better user experience and greater access for all,” remarked Director Kathi Vidal. “This work is critical not only for our stakeholders, but also to ensure those less familiar with IP protection can readily protect their brands and ideas.”   

The Virtual Assistant also makes it easy to find the status of your application or registration. Simply type “check status” or enter your serial or registration number into the chat box, and the Virtual Assistant will guide you to your information. 

We’ve leveraged machine learning to offer this service, and we need your help to refine it. When you interact with the Virtual Assistant, please give it a thumbs up or down to let us know how it’s doing. Over time, we’ll grow its knowledge base and improve its ability to recognize and answer your questions. 

You can check out the Virtual Assistant on these Trademarks webpages: