Improving the experience for trademark customers

Our goal is to make your trademark filing experience easier and more efficient, so that you have more time to focus on building your brand and growing your business.

To do this, our customer experience team conducts research so that we can hear your needs and expectations directly from you. Our research methods include interviews, testing prototypes with customers, and feedback sessions. We also conduct surveys, including those sent after filing an initial application, calling the Trademark Assistance Center, or attending Trademark Basics Bootcamp.

We thank the thousands of you who have already contributed your feedback. We read and carefully analyze your responses. Your feedback allows us to put your experience at the center of all that we do—whether short-term fixes or long-term improvements.”

Modernizing the filing experience

Currently, our customer experience team is focused on redesigning the process of filing an initial application. The initial application is a shared experience across all of our customers, whether you are a small business owner filing on your own or a U.S.-licensed attorney representing dozens of clients.

We know from our survey on the current filing system, known as the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), that the application process could be a better experience. In reading your feedback, we have identified several key points, including:

  • Login authentication and session timeouts are too frequent
  • A save functionality should be provided throughout the application process
  • Some information in TEAS is visually overwhelming and difficult to understand

Our team has already incorporated this feedback into the redesign project for the initial application. Improving your experience also improves the applications themselves, which in turn helps our trademark examining attorneys provide high-quality examination services.

How to participate and provide feedback

If you would like to volunteer to participate in future research, such as interviews, usability testing of prototypes, or feedback sessions, sign up as a trademark customer volunteer.


Transparency and our commitment to improve your experience

Each year, we assess our past performance and current capacity to make improvements. This work informs our annual Customer Experience Action Plans, published on, which guide our work to build a better filing experience for you.