TEAS and TEASi maintenance and enhancement section

TEAS and TEASi will be unavailable on Saturday, January 29, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET for system enhancements. We’re updating the online forms to comply with the Trademark Modernization Act (TMA) and incorporate enhancements based on stakeholder suggestions. Saved forms and e-signature forms will work following the deployment.

All TEAS and TEASi forms

Domicile address

Added a warning message when “c/o” or P.O. Box addresses are entered in the owner domicile address field on the Owner Information page of the forms.

Request for Extension of Time to File a Response form

Created a new form to request a one-time, one month extension to file a response to a non-final office action or suspension inquiry letter issued to the registrant during an expungement or reexamination proceeding. This form is not for use to request additional time to respond to an office action or letter issued during prosecution of an application or a post-registration maintenance filing.

Petition to Director form

Added a radio button at the Mark Information page and the ability to request reinstatement of a registration that was cancelled due to a failure to respond to an office action or letter issued in conjunction with an expungement or reexamination proceeding.

Letter of Protest form

Updated text on the Mark Information page listing the proper grounds for refusal to protest an application. Updated text on the Evidence page for providing instructions to the user regarding the proper evidence to protest an application.

Withdrawal of Attorney form

Added an error message to the wizard page when the attorney’s required bar membership information or an attorney email address is missing through the Change Address or Representation form, prior to withdrawing.

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