TEAS 7.5 and TEASi 4.4 release highlights

The online TEAS and TEASi forms were updated on Saturday, August 29, 2020 for system enhancements. 

All TEAS and TEASi forms

  • Fixed performance issues with signature approaches to include sign-directly, e-signature, and handwritten signature options. 
  • Updated validation pages to correct missing data and other data display issues in the input tables and textforms.
  • Corrected the functionality of replicating owner data on the Owner Information page for multiple owners when using the “Same” button.

Response to Office Action for Post-Registration Matters form

This new form helps you know what information to include in your post-registration office action response. It includes specific questions and dedicated fields to help you submit complete data. Information in the dedicated fields is uploaded to the USPTO database, which streamlines document processing.

When completing the form, select the specific post registration filing that generated the office action you’re responding to. Once you make a selection, questions particular to that post registration filing will appear to help you build your response.

See our user guide to learn how to use the form.

Change Address or Representation (CAR) form

Owner email will be masked in the CAR form. The owner email address currently of record will be masked in the display on the Mark Information page and on the Owner Information page. It will also be masked in the input table and textform on the Validation page.

The CAR form was also updated to correctly display the handwritten signature file in the e-receipt and the correct statement text in the input table when the power of attorney ends.

Withdrawal of Attorney form

Corrected the population of the correspondence data so that it’s compliant with the Mandatory Electronic Filing rule, when the attorney of record withdraws.

Petition to Director form

Corrected the note on the Owner Information page explaining the function of the Mailing Address field. Added missing instructions to the Owner Information page.

TEASi form corrections

  • All forms: Corrected the display of text when performing a total limitation within the Goods/Services page. 
  • Application for International Registration: Corrected the error message functionality on the Mark Information page.