Electronic trademark registration certificate new form and updates

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, we updated the online forms to comply with the issuance of electronic trademark registration certificates and incorporate enhancements based on stakeholder suggestions.

All TEAS and TEASi forms

Extended time for signature of TEAS forms

Increased the amount of time signatories have to sign TEAS forms from 14 days to 60 days when using the email text form to second party for signature method. Your feedback stating that you wanted more time to get forms signed made this change possible.

Upgraded infrastructure

Upgraded the backend infrastructure to increase TEAS availability, reduce downtime, and simplify the rollback process during deployments.

Order Trademark Presentation Copy of Registration Certificate form

Created a new form for trademark owners to order presentation copies of the registration certificate once the USPTO begins issuing electronic registration certificates. Presentation copies are a one-page, condensed, printed copy on heavy paper featuring a gold foil seal. For more information, visit our trademark electronic registration certificates webpage.

Change Address or Representation (CAR) form

Improved form logic to detect and remove duplicate serial and registration numbers when users are updating multiple files at once.