Change address or representation form new attorney features

The online TEAS and TEASi forms were updated on Saturday, April 24, to fix bugs and incorporate enhancements based on customer feedback.

Change Address or Representation (CAR) Form

We’re enhancing the CAR form to make it easier for already appointed attorneys to change their attorney and domestic representative information across numerous serial numbers and registration numbers. The new feature will allow you to:

  • File one CAR form for multiple serial numbers and registration numbers. You’ll select YES to the new attorney portfolio update question that asks if you’re using the form to make changes only to the attorney information.
  • Review the data for each serial number and registration number to ensure you’ve included all necessary files.
  • Update the attorney firm name and address, telephone number and fax number, docket numbers, bar membership information, and attorney email address.

Learn how to use the new feature with our user guide.

Response to Office Action for Post-Registration Matters

We’re updating the form to identify that Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are compatible.

Voluntary Amendment

We’re updating the error messages on the Voluntary Amendment form to instruct customers about what to do when the status of their filing is not appropriate for using the form.

TEAS PDF margins

In certain situations, TEAS-generated PDFs had extremely wide margins that ran off the page. We’re correcting the page margins.

TEASi form corrections

  • We’re requiring filers in the Application for International Registration to provide the email address of the applicant and the International Bureau representative, if one is appointed.
  • We’re modifying the forms to ensure that customers do not upload files with special characters in the file name because it causes technical problems within our systems.