Three month response deadline for trademark applications

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, we updated the forms to comply with the new deadline to respond to office actions for applications and incorporate enhancements based on stakeholder suggestions.

All TEAS and TEASi forms

Updated the handwritten and e-signature language to comply with new response deadlines.

TEAS response forms for applications under section 1 or section 44 

New three-month response deadline for office actions with optional extension  

Updated the following forms to show that trademark applicants have three months to respond to most office actions issued by an examining attorney beginning December 3, 2022. This helps reduce the time it takes to get a registration.  

The deadline for responding to office actions for Madrid Protocol section 66(a) applications remains at six months. 

Request for Extension of Time to File a Response form 

Updated the Request for Extension of Time to File a Response form to allow applicants to make one request per office action for additional time to respond in applications filed under section 1 or section 44 with a three-month response deadline. The filing fee is $125 per request. Visit our new deadline to respond to office actions for applications webpage. Learn how to use the form with our user guide.

Petition for Expungement or Reexamination

Fixed an issue where inactive classes were inadvertently included in the default fee calculation.

Petition to Revive Abandoned Application - Failure to Respond Timely to Office Action form 

Updated the form to prevent claims of non-receipt of an office action when an extension request has been previously submitted through TEAS for that office action. Applicants who have missed the three-month response deadline are required to pay the $125 extension request fee in addition to the petition fee.