TEAS and TEASi maintenance and enhancement section

Online forms will comply with new rule requiring electronic filing

The online TEAS and TEASi forms will be updated on Saturday, February 15, 2020, for compliance with the final rule requiring applicants, registrants, and their attorneys to:

  • File their submissions online using our Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS).
  • Provide and maintain an accurate email address for the applicant/registrant.
  • Provide and maintain an accurate email and postal address for the attorney, if one was appointed.

Learn more about this change to federal trademark law and how it affects you. 

How to prepare for the TEAS and TEASi forms update

You must file all saved forms and e-signature forms by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, February 14, 2020, so that your data is not lost. If you don’t file all your saved forms by that time, you will have to start the process again with the new forms.

For questions about this TEAS and TEASi release, email TEAS@uspto.gov.

Changes to all forms

Owner/holder email address must be included

Owner/holder email address is now a required field.  

Primary email address for correspondence

The primary email address for correspondence will populate from either the owner’s/holder’s email address or the attorney’s email address, if an attorney is appointed. You cannot edit the primary email address field. You must update the appointed attorney’s email address, if any, or the owner’s/holder’s email address, in order to change the primary email address.

Email authorization is now presumed

When you provide an email address, you will no longer need to check a box to authorize us to communicate with the owner/holder or attorney by email.

New Recognized Canadian Attorney/Agent field in Attorney Information section

Reciprocally recognized Canadian trademark attorneys and agents will have a designated data field for entering their name on the Attorney Information page.

Email address for filing receipt

The Validation Page will prepopulate the email address field with the primary email address and the secondary email addresses (courtesy copies) as the email addresses that will receive the filing receipt. You will no longer be able to edit the email address fields on the Validation Page. If you need to make changes, you must go back and edit the email addresses.

Changes to initial application forms

New dedicated domicile address field

TEAS initial application forms will include both a “domicile address” field and a “street address” field on the Owner Information page. If the owner’s street address is not the same as the owner’s domicile address, you will enter a separate domicile address. The owner’s street address must be capable of receiving mail. 

The new domicile address field will not be publicly viewable in our Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) database. However, entering your domicile address in any field, other than the designated domicile address field, will result in the information being publicly viewable in TSDR.

New consolidated initial application form for TEAS Standard and TEAS Plus filings

The TEAS Reduced Fee (RF) form will be renamed TEAS Standard and we will remove the TEAS Regular option. We have combined the two initial application form types, TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard, into a single form interface in order to improve usability.  

New fields sole proprietors

The “sole proprietorship” entity type will have two new data fields on the Owner Information page. Domestic sole proprietorships will be able to enter their name in a new “Name of Sole Proprietor” field and select the sole proprietor’s citizenship from a new “Country of Citizenship of Sole Proprietor” drop down menu. 

Changes to petition forms

Petition to the Director

We have enhanced the Petition to the Director form to better meet your needs by adding wizard questions. After you enter your serial number or registration number, you will need to select the reason for your petition and answer questions to indicate the type of information you want to provide within the petition. We have provided you with the necessary fields for completing each petition type. The form now includes an Owner Information page and an Attorney Information page for you to provide or update required information. You will no longer need to file a separate TEAS form to update this information. 

Changes to post registration forms

Response to Post-Registration Office action

We have enhanced the Response to Post-Registration Office action form by:

Adding wizard questions that allow you to build a customized response form

Providing new dedicated data-entry fields encompassing all potential issues raised in the office action.

After you enter your registration number, you will select the filing that prompted the office action and, if you are responding to a proof-of-use audit, the form includes dedicated fields for identifying and attaching your evidence of use. We’ve also updated the form to include the required statements for certification marks and collective membership marks.  

Changes to correspondence and attorney/domestic representative forms

New Change Address or Representation Form (CAR)

We created a new form called the Change Address or Representation Form (CAR).  

CAR will combine and replace six existing forms:

  • Revocation/Appointment of Attorney and Domestic Representative
  • Change of Owner Address
  • Change of Correspondence Address
  • Replacement of Attorney
  • Withdrawal of Domestic Representative
  • Change of Domestic Representative’s Address.

This will streamline changes to correspondence-related updates for specific trademark application(s) or registration(s). 

CAR will use role-based logic, which allows you to complete actions based on your selected role and the status of your application(s) or registration(s) in our database. For example, if your role is an attorney, you may be presented questions for updating the owner information, attorney information, or domestic representative information, if any. A represented owner may be presented with more limited options because the appointed attorney is the proper party for making certain updates. This simplifies the filing process and helps prevent form misuse.