Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium event series

Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium 2022

The annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium (WES) offers attendees a chance to learn about innovation and business from public and private sector experts. At the WES, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Learn about navigating today’s changing marketplace
  • Explore ongoing efforts to bring women into the innovation ecosystem
  • Hear from senior USPTO officials and other IP experts
  • Discover educational opportunities for girls and women in computer science, invention, and STEM

The next annual Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium is coming in March, 2023.

An agenda and more information will be posted to this webpage as the event date approaches.

Past events

Learn how exceptional innovators discovered their inspiration for success and commercialization.

Learn about the economic impact of women in business and how social trends are affecting professional growth and business opportunities.

Get career insights from researcher, patent holder, and American Association for the Advancement of Science IF/THEN Ambassador Amy M. Elliott, Ph.D.

Successful women innovators discuss ways to identify a market segment for sales and growth, and best practices and successful habits in today’s changing business climate.

Experts discuss small business loans, crowdfunding, and other investment funding sources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Experts discuss government resources, free legal services, and support for small business owners.

Experts discuss opportunities for girls and women in computer science, invention, and STEM; ways to nurture girls’ confidence in entrepreneurship; and programs to encourage young women in invention and STEM.

The 2021 Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium kickoff provides information about navigating today’s changing marketplace and challenges and opportunities for women.

Mar 3, 2020 - Virtual and Alexandria, VA

2020 Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium