Patent Related Notices - 2024

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2024 Guidance Update on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility, Including on Artificial Intelligence (06Jul2024)  TBD17JUL2024
Impact of the Proliferation of AI on Prior Art and PHOSITA: Notice of Public Listening Session (28Jun2024) [MORE INFORMATION]  89 FR 5558805JUL2024
Relief Available to Patent and Trademark Applicants, Patentees, Reexamination Parties, and Registered Trademark Owners Affected by the Severe Flooding Impacting the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul (18Jun2024)1524 OG 20409JUL2024  
Intent to Publish Corrected Publications for Patent Applications Published on April 25, 2024, that Contained Incorrect Filing Dates and/or Benefit Dates (10Jun2024)1524 OG 11702JUL2024  
USPTO Discontinuing Use of PTO/SB/84 Form (Authorization to Act in a Representative Capacity in Patent Cases) (07Jun2024)1524 OG 11502JUL2024  
Inventorship Guidance for AI-Assisted Inventions (03Jun2024) [MORE INFORMATION]  89 FR 4839906JUN2024
Relocation of Customer Service Window for Patent-Related Correspondence (28May2024)1523 OG 54825JUN2024  
Clarification of the Requirement for the Non-DOCX Surcharge (17May2024)1523 OG 29311JUN2024  
Notice of Potential Erroneous Release of Patent Application Titles (17May2024)1523 OG 29611JUN2024  
Terminal Disclaimer Practice to Obviate Nonstatutory Double Patenting (06May2024)  89 FR 4043910MAY2024
Adoption of Updated WIPO Standard ST.26; Revision to Incorporation by Reference (25Apr2024)  89 FR 3667703MAY2024
Request for Comments Regarding the Impact of the Proliferation of Artificial Intelligence on Prior Art, the Knowledge of a Person Having Ordinary Skill in the Art, and Determinations of Patentability Made in View of the Foregoing (22Apr2024)  89 FR 3421730APR2024
Guidance on Use of Artificial Intelligence-Based Tools in Practice Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (05Apr2024)  89 FR 2560911APR2024
Signature Requirements Related to Acceptance of Electronic Signatures for Patent Correspondence (18Mar2024)  89 FR 2032122MAR2024
Resources for Examining Means-Plus-Function and Step-Plus-Function Claim Limitations (14Mar2024)  89 FR 1981720MAR2024
Extension of the First-Time Filer Expedited Examination Pilot Program (06Mar2024) [MORE INFORMATION]  89 FR 1744111MAR2024
USPTO AI/ET Partnership: Public Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property (05Mar2024) [MORE INFORMATION]  89 FR 1673408MAR2024
Updated Guidance for Making a Proper Determination of Obviousness (16Feb2024)  89 FR 1444927FEB2024
Inventorship Guidance for AI-assisted Inventions (05Feb2024) [MORE INFORMATION]  89 FR 1004313FEB2024
Relief Available to Patent and Trademark Applicants, Patentees, Reexamination Parties, and Registered Trademark Owners Affected by the Several Earthquake Impacting Japan (06Feb2024)

1520 OG 120

Closing of the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 (30Jan2024) 

1519 OG 327

Supplemental Guidance for Examination of Design Patent Applications Related to Computer-Generated Electronic Images, Including Computer-Generated Icons and Graphical User Interfaces [Correction] (23Jan2024)  89 FR 550629JAN2024
Guidelines for Assessing Enablement in Utility Applications and Patents in View of the Supreme Court Decision in Amgen Inc. et al. v. Sanofi et al. (21Dec2023)  

89 FR 1563


USPTO Public Engagement Partnership: Public Meeting Series to Enhance Outreach to the Public on Patent Policies and Procedures [MORE INFORMATION]  

89 FR 1556