Patent Related Notices - 2000


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Advance Notice of Change to "References Cited" on the Front Page of a Patent1241 OG 10426DEC2000  
Guidelines setting for a modified policy concerning the evidence of common ownership, or an obligation of assignment to the same person, as required by 35 USC 103(c)1241 OG 9726DEC2000  
Assignment of Confirmation Number and Time Period for Filing a Copy of an Applicant by EFS for Eighteen-Month Publication Purposes1241 OG 9712DEC2000  
Simplification of Certain Requirements in Patent Interference Practice; Final rule1241 OG 6819DEC200024NOV2000
Changes to Implement Eighteen-Month Publication of Patent Application; Final rule; correction1241 OG 6819DEC200006NOV2000
Treatment of Un-locatable Patent Application and Patent Files; Final Rule1241 OG 3712DEC2000
65 Fed. Reg. 69446
Electronic Filing System Availability to Public1240 OG 4514 NOV2000  
Study of Alternative Fee Structures1239 OG 15524OCT200002OCT2000
Simplification of Certain Requirements in Patent Interference Practice1239 OG 12517OCT200020SEP2000
Changes to Implement Eighteen-Month Publication of Patent Applications; Final rule1239 OG 6310OCT200020SEP2000
Changes to Implement Patent Term Adjustment under Twenty-Year Patent Term; Final rule1239 OG 1403OCT200018SEP2000
Changes to Implement the Patent Business Goals; Final rule1238 OG 7719SEP200008SEP2000
Request for Continued Examination Practice and Changes to Provisional Application Practice; Final rule1238 OG 1305SEP2000
65 Fed. Reg. 50092
Change in Policy of Examiner Assignment in Ex Parte Reexamination Proceedings and establishment of Patentability Review Conferences in Ex Parte Reexamination Proceedings1237 OG 13829AUG2000  
Update on Facsimile Submission of Assignment Documents to the PTO1237 OG 8115AUG2000  
Supplemental Examination Guidelines for Determining the Application of 35 USC 112 paragraph 61236 OG 9825JUL2000
65 Fed. Reg. 38510
Changes to Permit Payment of Patent and Trademark Fees by Credit Card, Final rule  
Changes to Implement Eighteen-Month Publication of Patent Applications; Notice of Proposed Rulemaking1233 OG 12125APR200065 Fed. Reg. 17946 [PDF]05APR2000
Changes to Application Examination and Provisional Application Practice; Interim rule1233 OG 4711APR200020MAR2000
Guidelines Concerning the Implementation of Changes to 35 USC 102(g) and 103(c) and the Interpretation of the Term "Original Application" in the American Inventors Protection Act of 19991233 OG 5411APR2000  
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