Patent Related Notices - 2001


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USPTO Changes Address for Patent Express Mail (press release 21 November 2001)    
United States Postal Service Interruptions and Emergency Terminated
Revision of the Notice of Allowance Form
Notice Concerning Safety of USPTO Mailings - UPDATE
Notice Concerning Safety of USPTO Mailings
Use of a Post Card as a Receipt for Correspondence in Patent-Related Matters
USPTO Tests Negative for Anthrax(posted 05 November 2001)    
United States Postal Service Interruption and Emergency
Pre-Grant Publication Helpful Hint: File Continuation or Divisional Application with a New Specification and Copy of Oath or Declaration from Prior Application
Legal Processes; Final Rule1251 OG 5009OCT200112SEP2001
Requirements for Claiming the Benefit of Prior-Filed Applications Under Eighteen-Month Publication of Patent Applications; Proposed Rule
Timing of National Stage Commencement in the United States for Patent Cooperation Treaty Applications; Temporary Rule
Notice of Request for Comments on Development of a Plan To Remove the Patent and Trademark Classified Paper Files From the Public Search Facilities; Notice and Request for Comments1250 OG 13725SEP200127AUG2001
Interpretation of Registration of Agents and Representative for Director of Enrollment and Discipline in Disciplinary Proceedings; Interpretation of regulation1250 OG 10518SEP200124AUG2001
Emergency Closure - September 11, 2001    
Notice of Change in Publishing of Patents and Patent Application Publications with Sequence Listings1250 OG 7011SEP2001  
Revision of Patent Fees for Fiscal Year 2002; Final Rule (Ed Note: New address for maintenance fees)
Time Period for Paying Publication Fee if a Request for Continued Examination is Filed After a Notice of Allowance is Mailed1249 OG 8121AUG2001  
Helpful Hints Regarding Publication of Patent Applications1249 OG 8321AUG2001  
Elimination of Continued Prosecution Application Practice as to Utility and Plant Patent Applications, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking1248 OG 16731JUL200109JUL2001
Interim Practice of Mailing a Notice of Publication Fee Due Separate From the Notice of Allowance1248 OG 16631JUL2001  
Electronic Publication of Certificates of Correction on the USPTO Web site with Later Listing in the Official Gazette1248 OG 16731JUL2001  
Revision of Patent Fees for Fiscal Year 2002; Notice of proposed rulemaking; correction1248 OG 1803JUL200108JUN2001
Notification of Required and Optional Search Criteria for Computer Implemented Business Method Patent Applications in Class 705, and Request for Comments, Notice of request for public comments1247 OG 10326JUN200105JUN2001
Clarification of 37 CFR 1.704(c)(10) - Reduction of Patent Term Adjustment for Certain Types of Papers Filed After a Notice of Allowance has been Mailed1247 OG 11126JUN2001  
Revision of Patent Cooperation Treaty Application Procedure; Correction, Final rule; correction.1247 OG 7419JUN2001  
Revision of Patent Fees for Fiscal Year 2002; Notice of proposed rulemaking1246 OG 15629MAY200109MAY2001
Changes to the Time Period for Making any Necessary Deposit of Biological Material; Final rule1246 OG 4222MAY200127APR2001
Interim Waiver of Parts of 37 CFR 1.84 and 1.165, and Delay in the Enforcement of the Change in 37 CFR 1.84(e) to No Longer Permit Mounting of Photographs1246 OG 10622MAY2001  
Publication Containing Training and Implementation Materials for Recent Rules Changes1246 OG 4108MAY2001  
Use of a Post Card as a Receipt for Trademark Papers Filed1246 OG 4208MAY2001  
Effective date of final rule entitled rules to implement optional inter partes reexamination proceedings1245 OG 1603APR2001  
United States Postal Service Interruption and Emergency in Connecticut1245 OG 1603APR2001  
Rules to implement optional inter partes reexamination proceedings: delay of effective date1244 OG 1506MAR2001  
Inapplicability of 35 USC 102 (d) to plant breeder's rights certificates1244 OG 1506MAR2001  
Examination guidelines for 35 USC 102(e)(2), as amended by the American Inventors Protection Act of 19991243 OG 103727FEB2001  
USPTO Offers Interim Procedures for Submissions on Compact Disc1243 OG 100820FEB2001  
"Kind Codes" Included on USPTO Documents (signed 22 January 2001)1243 OG 4113FEB2001  
Utility Examination Guidelines1242 OG 16230JAN200105JAN2001
Guidelines for examination of patent applications under the 35 USC 112 first paragraph "written description" requirement1242 OG 16830JAN200105JAN2001
Legal processes; Proposed rule1242 OG 11516JAN200122DEC2000
Standard for Declaring a Patent Interference1242 OG 11316JAN200120DEC2000
Patent term extension or adjustment information printed on notice of allowance and issue fee due and patent front page1242 OG 11216JAN2001  
Standard for declaration a patent interference; Notice and request for comments1242 OG 11316JAN2001  
Drawings in patent application publication and patents1242 OG 11416JAN2001  
Changes in Procedure for Papers Filed at the Customer Service Window (signed 18 December 2000)
Changes to Implement the Patent Business Goals; Final rule; correction1242 OG 6509JAN200122DEC2000
Changes to Implement the Patent Business Goals; Final rule and correction to final rule1242 OG 6509JAN200118DEC2000
Rules to Implement Optional Inter Partes Reexamination Proceedings1242 OG 1202JAN2001
65 Fed. Reg. 76756
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