Changes in Procedure for Papers Filed at the Customer 
                                Service Window

   The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is changing 
procedures for the filing of papers at the Customer Service Window (also 
known as the Attorneys' Window) located in Room 1B03 of Crystal Plaza 
Building 2, Arlington, Virginia, 22202.  The USPTO currently provides 
walk-up, personalized service to firms and individuals who are filing 
documents with the USPTO from 8:30 am until 12:00 midnight on Monday 
through Friday (except holidays), which includes stamping postcard-type 
receipts to acknowledge the receipt of papers filed at the Customer 
Service Window.

   The change in procedure concerns days on which the USPTO is closed 
during part of the day due to inclement weather or other emergency, as well 
as the day before Christmas Day and the day before New Year's Day.  On 
these days, the Customer Service Window will remain open until midnight for 
filing of papers; however, there may not be anyone at the Customer 
Window to stamp a postcard-type receipt to acknowledge the receipt of
papers.  Rather, customers may deposit papers (envelopes) through the 
Customer Service Window on such a day until midnight, at which time the 
USPTO will close the Customer Service Window, and papers deposited through 
the Customer Service Window prior to midnight will be stamped with a
of receipt (37 CFR 1.6(a)) on that day in due course.

   Provisions are also available for the filing papers through the use of 
the certificate of mailing (37 CFR 1.8) and the Express Mail (37 CFR 1.10) 

   Inquiries regarding this notice should be directed to Sally Middleton at 

December 18, 2000                                        NICHOLAS P. GODICI
                                                   Commissioner for Patents