TC 3600 Management Roster


Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security and License and Review


Wendy Garber, Director


Tariq Hafiz, Director


Peter Choi, Acting Director


David Dunn, Acting Director


James Trammell, Director



Director Secretary - Andre Eversley571-270-1490
Administrative Officer - Nanako Woytcke571-272-8075
Technical Support Staff 
Leland Watkins - Head Supervisory Legal Instruments Examiner571-272-1062
Lisa Wright - Supervisory Legal Instruments Examiner Team 1 and 2571-272-1643
Wanda Brown - Supervisory Legal Instruments Examiner Team 3 and 4571-272-6577
Technology Center Operations Manager (TCOM) 
John Hayes571-272-6708
Ilana Spar571-270-7537
Matthew Gart571-272-3955
Training Quality Assurance Specialists (TQAS) 
Shadi Baniani (H)*571-272-5745
Mikado Buiz (H)*571-272-6578
Brodie Follman571-272-1169
Marc Jimenez (3620, 3680, 3690) (H)*571-272-4530
Beth Boswell (3620, 3680, 3690)571-272-6737 
Teri Luu (H)*571-272-7045
Ramya Burgess571-272-6011
Lanna Mai571-272-6914
Jamisue Plucinski (3620, 3680, 3690) (H)*571-272-6811
(H)* = Hoteling 

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3610 Surface Transportation

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3611Joseph Rocca571-272-5191
3612D. Glenn Dayoan (H)*571-272-6659
3616Paul Dickson (H)*571-272-7742
3617S. Joseph Morano (H)*571-272-6684
3618J. Allen Shriver (Denver)


(H)* = Hoteling  

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3620 Business Methods - Incentive Programs, Coupons; Operations Research; Electronic Shopping; Health Care; Point of Sale, Inventory, Accounting; Cost/Price, Reservations, Shipping and Transportation; Business Processing

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3621Anita Coupe571-270-3614
3622Peter Choi (Dallas)571-275-9171
3623ARutao Wu (H)*572-272-6045
3624APatricia Munson571-270-5396
3624BChristine Behncke571-272-8103
3625AJeffrey Smith571-272-6763
3625BMarissa Thein571-272-6764
3626ARobert Morgan (H)*571-272-6773
3626BJanice Mooneyham (H)*571-272-6805
3626CFonya Long (H)*571-270-5096
3627Ryan Zeender (H)*571-272-6790
3628AShannon Campbell (H)*571-270-5587
3628BKevin Flynn571-270-3108
3628CJeffrey Zimmerman571-272-4602
3629Lynda Jasmin (H)*571-272-6782
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3630 Static Structures, Supports and Furniture

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3631Jonathan Liu (H)*571-272-8227
3632Terrell Mckinnon (H)*571-272-4797
3633Brian Glessner (H)*571-272-6754
3634Katherine Mitchell571-272-7069
3635Joshua Michener (H)*571-272-1467
3636David Dunn (H)*571-272-6670
3637Daniel Troy (H)*571-270-3742
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3640 Aeronautics, Agriculture, Fishing, Trapping, Vermin Destroying, Plant and Animal Husbandry, Weaponry, Nuclear Systems, and License and Review

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3641Troy Chambers (H)*571-272-6874
3642Tashiana Adams (H)*571-270-5228 
3643Peter Poon (H)*571-272-6891
3644Tim Collins (H)*571-272-6886
3645Isam Alsomiri571-272-6970
3646Jack Keith (H)*571-272-6878
3647Tien Dinh (H)*571-272-6899
3648Vladimir Maglorie (H)*571-270-5144 
3649ADarnell Jayne571-272-7723
3649BRobert Hodge571-272-2097
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3650 Material and Article Handling

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3651Gene Crawford (H)*571-272-6911
3652Saul Rodriguez (H)*571-272-7097
3654Michael Mansen571-272-6608
3655Charles Fox571-272-6923
3656Richard Ridley (H)*571-272-6917
3657Robert Siconolfi571-272-7124
3658Bill Kelleher571-272-7753
3659Ernesto Suarez571-270-5565
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3660 Computerized Vehicle Controls and Navigation, Radio Wave, Optical and Acoustic Wave Communication, Robotics, and Nuclear Systems

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3661Thomas G. Black (H)*571-272-6956
3662Jelani Smith571-270-3969 
3663Angela Ortiz571-272-1206
3664Khoi Tran (H)*571-272-6919
3665AChristian Chace571-272-4190
3665BHunter Lonsberry571-272-7298
3666Abby Lin571-270-3976
3667Faris Almatrahi (Detroit) (H)*313-446-4821
3668Fadey Jabr (H)*571-272-1516
3669AJohn Olszewski (H)*571-272-2706
3669BKimberly Berona (H)*571-272-6909
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3670 Wells, Earth Boring/Moving/Working, Excavating, Mining, Harvesters, Bridges, Roads, Petroleum, Closures, Connections, and Hardware

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3671Thomas B. Will (H)*571-272-6998
3672David J. Bagnell571-272-6999
3673Peter Cuomo (H)*571-272-6856
3674Doug Hutton (H)*571-272-4137
3675Kristina Fulton (H)*571-272-7376
3676Waseem Moorad (H)*571-270-3436
3677Victor Batson571-272-6987
3678Amber Anderson (H)*571-270-5281
3679Anna Momper (H)*571-270-5788
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3680 Business Methods - Incentive Programs, Coupons; Electronic Shopping; Business Cryptography, Voting; Health Care; Point of Sale, Inventory, Accounting; Business Processing, Electronic Negotiation

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3681Hajime Rojas571-270-5491
3683ABrian Epstein571-270-5389
3683BEric Stamber571-272-6724
3684Jason Dunham571-272-8109
3685ACalvin Hewitt571-272-6709
3685BPatrick McAtee571-272-7575
3685CNeha Patel571-270-1492
3686AElaine Gort571-272-6781
3686BVictoria Augustine (Detroit)313-446-4858
3687AFahd Obeid571-270-3324
3687BNathan Uber571-270-3923
3688Kambiz Abdi571-272-6702
3689Minnah Seoh571-270-7778
(H)* = Hoteling  

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3690 Business Methods - Finance/Banking/ Insurance

Art Unit
Supervisory Patent Examiner (SPE)
3691Alexander Kalinowski571-272-6771
3692Sarah Monfeldt (H)*571-270-1833
3693Shahid Merchant571-270-1360
3694Bennett Sigmond (Denver)303-297-4411
3695Ryan Donlon571-270-3602
3696Namrata Boveja (H)*571-272-8105
3697Jerry O'Connor (H)*571-272-6787 
(H)* = Hoteling  

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