Federal Register Notices - 2023

Below are Federal Register Notices published in 2023 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Selected Federal Register Notices may also appear under various topical areas on this USPTO website.

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Final Rules

  • Adoption of Updated World Intellectual Property Organization Standard; Revision to Incorporation by Reference, 34089–34091 [2023–11365] [TEXT] [PDF] (26May2023)
  • Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees during Fiscal Year 2020, 18052–18054 [2023–06289] [TEXT] [PDF] (27Mar2023)
  • Reducing Patent Fees for Small Entities and Micro Entities under the Unleashing American Innovators Act of 2022, 17147–17158 [2023–05382] [TEXT] [PDF] (22Mar2023)
  • Establishing Permanent Electronic Filing for Patent Term Extension Applications, 13028–13033 [2023–04162] [TEXT] [PDF] (02Mar2023)
  • Official Transition to Issuing Electronic Patent Grants in 2023, 12560–12565 [2023–03809] [TEXT] [PDF] (28Feb2023)
  • Eliminating Continuing Legal Education Certification and Recognition for Patent Practitioners, 4906–4908 [2023–01552] [TEXT] [PDF] (26Jan2023)

Interim Rules

  • None at this time

Proposed Rules

  • Motion to Amend Pilot Program and Rules of Practice to Allocate the Burdens of Persuasion on Motions to Amend in Trial Proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, 33063–33066 [2023–10565] [TEXT] [PDF] (23May2023)
  • Changes to the Representation of Others in Design Patent Matters, 31209–31214 [2023–10410] [TEXT] [PDF] (16May2023)
  • Discretionary Institution Practices, Petition Word-Count Limits, and Settlement Practices for America Invents Act Trial Proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, 24503–24518 [2023–08239] [TEXT] [PDF] (21Apr2023)

General Notices

  • Proposed Track Three Pilot Program with a Pre-Examination Search Option, 34136–34139 [2023–11349] [TEXT] [PDF] (26May2023)
  • Future Strategies in Anticounterfeiting and Antipiracy, 33872–33874 [2023–10770] [TEXT] [PDF] (25May2023)
  • Expanding Admission Criteria for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases, 31249–31251 [2023–10409] [TEXT] [PDF] (16May2023)
  • Requests for Nominations: Patent and Trademark Public Advisory Committees, 30726–30727 [2023–10148] [TEXT] [PDF] (12May2023)
  • Meetings: Trademark Public Advisory Committee Public Hearing on the Proposed Trademark Fee Schedule, 25623–25624 [2023–08906] [TEXT] [PDF] (27Apr2023)
  • Meetings: Patent Public Advisory Committee Public Hearing on the Proposed Patent Fee Schedule, 24392–24393 [2023–08346] [TEXT] [PDF] (20Apr2023)
  • Meetings: USPTO AI Inventorship: Notice of Public AI Inventorship Listening Session-West Coast, 23408-23410 [2023-07953] [TEXT] [PDF] (17Apr2023)
  • New Implementation Date for Patent Practitioner Registration Statement, 23010 [2023–07887] [TEXT] [PDF] (14Apr2023)
  • Hazardous Materials: Public Meeting Notice for the 2024 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG2024), 22089-22090 [2023-07619] [TEXT] [PDF] (12Apr2023)
  • Trademarks for Humanity Awards Competition Program, 21650–21652 [2023–07125] [TEXT] [PDF] (11Apr2023)
  • Artificial Intelligence Inventorship: Public Listening Session—East Coast, 20864–20866 [2023–07289] [TEXT] [PDF] (07Apr2023)
  • Patent Center Electronic Office Action Program, 20138–20141 [2023–07087] [TEXT] [PDF] (05Apr2023)
  • Personnel Demonstration Project: Pay Banding and Performance-Based Pay Adjustments in the National Nuclear Security Administration, 19991–19993 [2023–06766] [TEXT] [PDF] (04Apr2023)
  • Interim Patent Term Extension: Symplicity Spyral System, Symplicity Spyral Catheter, and Symplicity G3 Generator, 19269 [2023–06665] [TEXT] [PDF] (31Mar2023)
  • First-Time Filer Expedited Examination Pilot Program, 14607–14609 [2023–04695] [TEXT] [PDF] (09Mar2023)
  • Grant of Interim Term Extension: Patent No. 6,929,639—POLARX (Cryoablation Balloon Catheter), 14149 [2023–04661] [TEXT] [PDF] (07Mar2023)
  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Ninth Edition, Revision of July 2022, 13437–13438 [2023–04345] [TEXT] [PDF] (03Mar2023)
  • Meetings: Joint United States Patent and Trademark Office-Food and Drug Administration Collaboration Initiatives; Public Listening Session, 11902–11903 [2023–03808] [TEXT] [PDF] (24Feb2023)
  • Meetings: National Medal of Technology and Innovation Nomination Evaluation Committee, 11902 [2023–03957] [TEXT] [PDF] (24Feb2023)
  • Prioritized Examination Pilot Program for Patent Applications: Modified COVID-19 Program; Sixth Extension, 9495 [2023–03216] [TEXT] [PDF] (14Feb2023)
  • Request for Comments: Artificial Intelligence and Inventorship, 9492–9495 [2023–03066] [TEXT] [PDF] (14Feb2023)
  • Request for Comments: Initiatives to Ensure the Robustness and Reliability of Patent Rights, 9492 [2023–03119] [TEXT] [PDF] (14Feb2023)
  • Innovation Driven by Artificial Intelligence, 4975–4976 [2023–01645] [TEXT] [PDF] (26Jan2023)
  • Expanding Admission Criteria for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases, 3394–3395 [2023–00945] [TEXT] [PDF] (19Jan2023)
  • Expanding Opportunities to Appear before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, 3394 [2023–00947] [TEXT] [PDF] (19Jan2023)
  • Expanded Collaborative Search Pilot Program, 2892–2894 [2023–00799] [TEXT] [PDF] (18Jan2023)

Paperwork Reduction Act

30-Day Notices (Notice of Submission to OMB)

  • [0651-0020] - Patent Term Extension and Adjustment [TEXT] [PDF] (20 January 2023)
  • [0651-0033] - Post Allowance and Reissue [TEXT] [PDF] (20 January 2023)
  • [0651-0073] - Patent Law Treaty [TEXT] [PDF] (20 January 2023)
  • [0651-0082] - Patent and PTAB Pro Bono Programs [TEXT] [PDF] (20 January 2023)
  • [0651-0022] - Deposit of Biological Materials [TEXT] [PDF] (27 February 2023)
  • [0651-0081] - Law School Clinic Certification Program [TEXT] [PDF] (8 March 2023)
  • [0651-0034] - Secrecy and License to Export [TEXT] [PDF] (14 April 2023)

60-Day Notices (Notice of Proposed Collection)

  • [0651-0048] - Native American Tribal Insignia Database [TEXT] [PDF] (8 March 2023)

Privacy Act

System of Records Notices

  • None at this time