Federal Register Notices - 2020

Below are Federal Register Notices published in 2020 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Selected Federal Register Notices may also appear under various topical areas on this USPTO website.

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Final Rules

  • Waiver: Waiver of Original Handwritten Signature Requirement Due to the COVID–19 Outbreak, 17502 [2020–06186] [TEXT] [PDF] (30Mar2020)
  • Clarification of the Practice for Requiring Additional Information in Petitions Filed in Patent Applications and Patents Based on Unintentional Delay, 12222–12224 [2020–03715] [TEXT] [PDF] (02Mar2020)

Interim Rules

  • None at this time

Proposed Rules

  • Small Entity Government Use License Exception, 6476–6482 [2020–01687] [TEXT] [PDF] (05Feb2020)
  • Facilitating the Use of WIPO's ePCT System to Prepare International Applications for Filing with the United States Receiving Office, 5362–5366 [2020–01765] [TEXT] [PDF] (30Jan2020)

General Notices

  • Grant of Interim Extension of the Term of U.S. Patent No. 6,953,476; Reducer, 17315–17316 [2020–06445] [TEXT] [PDF] (27Mar2020)
  • Grant of Interim Extension of the Term of U.S. Patent No. 8,858,612; Reducer, 17315 [2020–06447] [TEXT] [PDF] (27Mar2020)

Paperwork Reduction Act

30-Day Notices (Notice of Submission to OMB)

  • [0651-0022] - Deposit of Biological Materials [TEXT] [PDF] (31Jan2020)
  • [0651-0073] - Patent Law Treaty [TEXT] [PDF] (31Jan2020)
  • [0651-0020] - Patent Term Extension [TEXT] [PDF] (31Jan2020)
  • [0651-0033] - Post Allowance and Refiling [TEXT] [PDF] (31Jan2020)
  • [0651-0034] - Secrecy and License to Export [TEXT] [PDF] (28Feb2020)
  • [0651-0081] - Law School Clinic Certification Program [TEXT] [PDF] (28Feb2020)

60-Day Notices (Notice of Proposed Collection)

  • [0651-0048] - Native American Tribal Insignia Database [TEXT] [PDF] (16March2020)

Privacy Act

System of Records Notices

  • [USPTO-26] - Trademark Application and Registration Records [TEXT] [PDF] (18Feb2020)