Federal Register Notices - 2018

Below are Federal Register Notices published in 2018 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Selected Federal Register Notices may also appear under various topical areas on this USPTO website.

For a complete, searchable database of Federal Register Notices from the USPTO in PDF, XML, and accessible HTML formats, please visit http://www.regulations.gov.

Final Rules

  • Changes in Requirements for Collective Trademarks and Service Marks, Collective Membership Marks, and Certification Marks; Correction, 1559 [2018–00428] [TEXT] [PDF] (12Jan2018)

Interim Rules

  • None at this time

Proposed Rule

  • Changes To Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations, 2759–2762 [2018–00769]  [TEXT] [PDF] (19Jan2018)

General Notices

  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Ninth Edition, Revision of January 2018, 4473 [2018–01866] [TEXT] [PDF] (31Jan2018)
  • Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail (Publication 52), 1189–1190 [2018–00266] [TEXT] [PDF] (10Jan2018)
  • Determining Whether a Claim Element is Well-Understood, Routine, Conventional for Purposes of Subject Matter Eligibility [TEXT] [PDF] (04Apr2018)

Paperwork Reduction Act

30-Day Notices (Notice of Submission to OMB)

  • [0651-0041] - Public Search Facility User ID and Badging [TEXT] [PDF] (17Apr2018)

  • [0651-0045] - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate Action Form [TEXT] [PDF] (17Apr2018)

  • [0651-0028] - Fastener Quality Act Insignia Recordal Process [TEXT] [PDF] (29Mar2018)

  • [0651-0077] - National Summer Teacher Institute [TEXT] [PDF] (21Mar2018)

  • [0651-0035] - Representative and Address Provisions [TEXT] [PDF] (29Jan2018)
  • [0651-0043] - Financial Transactions [TEXT] [PDF] (29Jan2018)

60-Day Notices (Notice of Proposed Collection)

Privacy Act

System of Records Notices

  • None at this time