Federal Register Notices - 2016

Below are Federal Register Notices published in 2016 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Selected Federal Register Notices may also appear under various topical areas on this USPTO website.

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Final Rules

  • Miscellaneous Changes to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Rules of Practice; Correction, 89382–89383 [2016–29728] [TEXT] [PDF] (12Dec2016)
  • Trademark Fee Adjustment; Correction, 78042–78043 [2016–26684] [TEXT] [PDF] (07Nov2016)
  • International Trademark Classification; Changes, 76867–76870 [2016–26682] [TEXT] [PDF] (04Nov2016)
  • Trademark Fee Adjustment, 72694–72708 [2016–25506] [TEXT] [PDF] (21Oct2016)
  • Miscellaneous Changes to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Rules of Practice, 69950–69988 [2016–23092] [TEXT] [PDF] (07Oct2016)
  • USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Program, 33591–33598 [2016–12498] [TEXT] [PDF] (27May2016)
  • Rules of Practice for Trials Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board; Correction, 24702–24703 [2016–09814] [TEXT] [PDF] (27Apr2016)

Interim Rules

  • None at this time

Proposed Rule

  • Standard ST.26 - Request for Comments on the Recommended Standard for the Presentation of Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequence Listings Using XML (eXtensible Markup Language), 74775-74777 [2016-25968] [TEXT] [PDF] (27October2016)
  • PROPOSED RULES Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees, FY 2017, 68150–68183 [2016–23093] [TEXT] [PDF] (03Oct2016)
  • Affidavits or Declarations of Use, Continued Use, or Excusable Nonuse in Trademark Cases, 40589–40594 [2016–14791] [TEXT] [PDF] (22Jun2016)
  • Trademark Fee Adjustment, 33619–33632 [2016–12571] [TEXT] [PDF] (27May2016)
  • May 2016 Subject Matter Eligibility Update, 27381–27382 [2016–10724] [TEXT] [PDF] (06May2016)
  • Miscellaneous Changes to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Rules of Practice, 19296–19324 [2016–06672] [TEXT] [PDF] (04Apr2016)

General Notices

  • Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program, 93669–93671 [2016–30733] [TEXT] [PDF] (21Dec2016) 
  • Examination Time Goals, 86323–86324 [2016–28689] [TEXT] [PDF] (30Nov2016) 
  • Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works, 83228–83229 [2016–27934] [TEXT] [PDF] (21Nov2016) 
  • Preliminary Draft Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Hague Conference on Private International Law, 81741–81744 [2016–27799] [TEXT] [PDF] (18Nov2016) 
  • Roundtables and Request for Comments Related to Patent Subject Matter Eligibility, 79463 [2016–27279] [TEXT] [PDF] (14Nov2016) 
  • Examination Time Goals; Request for Comments, 73383–73384 [2016–25758] [TEXT] [PDF] (25Oct2016)
  • Patent Subject Matter Eligibility, 71485–71489 [2016–24888] [TEXT] [PDF] (17Oct2016)
  • National Medal of Technology and Innovation Nomination Evaluation Committee, 62481 [2016–21871]  [TEXT] [PDF] (09Sep2016)
  • Performance Review Board Appointments: , 61671 [2016–21434] [TEXT] [PDF] (07Sep2016)
  • Cancer Moonshot Challenge, 61196–61198 [2016–21349] [TEXT] [PDF] (06Sep2016)
  • Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program, 61195–61196 [2016–21306] [TEXT] [PDF] (06Sep2016)
  • Cooperative Patent Classification Meeting with Industry Users, 59200 [2016–20700] [TEXT] [PDF] (29Aug2016)
  • Roundtable Event on Leveraging Electronic Resources to Retrieve Information from Applicant's Other Applications and Streamline Patent Issuance, 59197–59199 [2016–20703] [TEXT] [PDF] (29Aug2016)
  • Changes in Accelerated Examination Practice, 54564–54567 [2016–19527] [TEXT] [PDF] (16Aug2016)
  • Post-Prosecution Pilot Program, 44845-44849 [2016-16423] [TEXT] [PDF] (11Jul2016)
  • Elimination of Publication Requirement in the Collaborative Search Pilot Program between the Japan Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, 43591–43592 [2016–15850] [TEXT] [PDF] (05Jul2016)
  • Cancer Immunotherapy Pilot Program, 42328-42332 [2016-15533] [TEXT] [PDF] (29Jun2016)
  • Grants of Interim Extension of the Term of a U.S. Patent, 37579–37580 [2016–13764] [TEXT] [PDF] (10Jun2016)
  • Requests for Nominations: Patent and Trademark Public Advisory Committees, 37580–37581 [2016–13765] [TEXT] [PDF] (10Jun2016)
  • Use of World Intellectual Property Organization ePCT System for Preparing Patent Cooperation Treaty Request for Filing as Part of an International Application, 27417–27418 [2016–10733] [TEXT] [PDF] (06May2016)
  • Application of the Written Description Requirement to Specific Situations in Design Applications , 22233–22236 [2016–08760] [TEXT] [PDF] (15Apr2016
  • Patent Quality Metrics for Fiscal Year 2017 and Request for Comments on Improving Patent Quality Measurement, 16142–16145 [2016–06851] [TEXT] [PDF] (25Mar2016)
  • Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge; Request for Information , 15694–15695 [2016–06681] [TEXT] [PDF] (24Mar2016)

Paperwork Reduction Act

30-Day Notices (Notice of Submission to OMB)

60-Day Notices (Notice of Proposed Collection)

Proposed Rulemaking (Supporting Statements)

  • None at this time

Privacy Act

Prefatory Statement/Non-SORN Documents

  • Prefatory Statement of General Routine Uses [TEXT] [PDF] (9Mar2016)

System of Records Notices

  • None at this time