Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) performance benchmarks for dispositions, pendency, inventory, and other tracking measures.


Under Construction: PTAB is migrating to a new statistics format for AIA trials. We are moving all of our outcome statistics into a new quarterly “Outcome Roundup” format that includes outcome information on a by-petition, by-patent, and by-claim basis. We will continue publishing non-outcome trial statistics on a monthly basis. In addition, we now provide end of year outcome statistics for fiscal year 2019 for AIA trials below, and expect to provide the same for fiscal year 2020 soon.


Trial statistics

Appeal and interference statistics

Current fiscal year (FY) statistics to date:

Prior fiscal year statistics:

Current fiscal year (FY) statistics to date:

Special reports
Fiscal Year 2020
Fiscal Year 2019
  • Orange Book/biologics study (July 2019) - a report on AIA trials involving petitions challenging Orange Book listed patents and biologic patents. The report also includes a study on district court pharmaceutical litigation. Below are the individual data files in .csv format for the Orange Book/biologics study and the data dictionaries, which provides names, definitions, and attributes for the data in the files, in .pdf:
    • Orange Book petitions (csv, pdf)    
    • Biologic petitions (csv, pdf)   
    • Litigation data for patents (csv, pdf)  
    • Litigation data for petitions (csv, pdf)
  • Parallel proceedings study (April 2019) - a report on interaction between parallel proceedings at the USPTO (e.g., AIA proceedings, reexam, and re-issue) involving issued patents
Fiscal Year 2018

Special reports archive


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