Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) performance benchmarks for dispositions, pendency, inventory, and other tracking measures.


PTAB has released a new statistics format for AIA trials. In FY21, we moved the outcome statistics into a new quarterly “Outcome Roundup” format. The new format includes outcome information on a by-petition, by-patent, and by-claim basis. We will continue publishing non-outcome trial statistics on a monthly basis.  We also provide end-of-year outcome statistics for fiscal years 2019 and 2020 for AIA trials.


Trial statistics

Appeal and interference statistics

Current fiscal year (FY) statistics to date:




Receipts and dispositions by Technology Center


Special reports

Fiscal Year 2022
Fiscal Year 2021
  • Orange Book/biologics study update through June 2021

    (Aug. 2021) – an updated report on AIA trials involving petitions challenging Orange Book-listed patents and biologic patents. Study methodology for identifying Orange book-listed and biologic patents is provided in the Fiscal Year 2019 Orange Book/biologics study posted below. Study methodology used to create the statistics are provided in this presentation.

    • Orange Book petitions (csv (all), csv (status))   
    • Orange Book patents (csv)   
    • Biologic petitions (csv (all), csv (status))  
    • Biologic patents (csv)
    • Data dictionary (pdf)
  • Multiple Petitions Study (updated December 2020): a report on multiple petitions filed in AIA proceedings, including serial and parallel petitions
Fiscal Year 2020
Fiscal Year 2019
  • Orange Book/biologics study (July 2019) - a report on AIA trials involving petitions challenging Orange Book listed patents and biologic patents. The report also includes a study on district court pharmaceutical litigation. Below are the individual data files in .csv format for the Orange Book/biologics study and the data dictionaries, which provides names, definitions, and attributes for the data in the files, in .pdf:
    • Orange Book petitions (csv, pdf)    
    • Biologic petitions (csv, pdf)   
    • Litigation data for patents (csv, pdf)  
    • Litigation data for petitions (csv, pdf)
    • Parallel proceedings study (April 2019) - a report on interaction between parallel proceedings at the USPTO (e.g., AIA proceedings, reexam, and re-issue) involving issued patents
Fiscal Year 2018

Special reports archive


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