Youth inventors and entrepreneurs

Tackling today’s problems for a more prosperous tomorrow, explore the stories of young American innovators who are making a positive impact

Young minds, fresh perspectives. Their innovation journeys may just be beginning, but their impact in their communities and on the world is already being felt. Learn about some of the ways these youth inventors and entrepreneurs are determined to affect change in this collection from our Journeys of Innovation series. Learn about our programs in partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame that encourage creativity, exploration, and inventiveness in people of all ages.

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A male high school student wearing a white t-shirt sits at a table with a trifold poster board in the background detailing his garbage can platform invention.
Damian Earley
Young inventor hopes to inspire others to be environmentally friendly Full Story >
Daniela Blanco, a brown-haired young Latino woman, wears a white lab coat, safety glasses, and plastic gloves as she stands amid chemistry equipment in a well stocked lab. She pauses her experiment momentarily to smile at the camera.
Daniela Blanco
A chemical engineer and entrepreneur uses artificial intelligence to help others develop greener chemicals Full Story >
Two young teenagers wearing Camp Invention t-shirts in a school hallway
Mika’il and Ayaan Naqvi
How two brothers navigated their way from an idea to a business. Full Story >
 Gitanjali Rao presenting at a white board during the 3M competition
Gitanjali Rao
16-year old Gitanjali Rao is on a mission to create global change by building a community of young innovators. Full Story >
Patent #9,511,833 received by Doug Scott and students for their ROV ice rescue robot.
Doug Scott
Doug Scott shares how real-world experiences inspire students and teachers alike to tap into their curiosity and creativity. Full Story >
The Kinnos team poses in scrubs around the USAID logo.
How the co-founders of Kinnos learned from healthcare workers and developed a life-saving additive for disinfectants. Full Story >
Arlyne Simon stands in front of two body scan images.
Arlyne Simon
Words of wisdom from a woman in STEM on how to encourage young innovators. Full Story >
Marissa Streng holds her hands out toward her dog Mojo.
Marissa Streng
Marissa Streng, inventor of the Puff-N-Fluff dog dryer, shares her experiences as a young innovator and entrepreneur. Full Story >
Young founders of Agrospheres sitting casually on a couch
Payam Pourtaheri and Ameer Shakleel
For a young startup, the seeds of risk and reward were planted long ago. Full Story >