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New report – Diagnosing COVID-19: A perspective from U.S. patenting activity

A new USPTO report finds that small companies and universities led the way in COVID-19 diagnostic patent filings. Nearly 71% of these filings were from small entities, including 64% of filings from companies and 82% from universities, research institutes and hospitals. Financial support from the U.S. government helped spur this invention—about 10.7% of all COVID-19 diagnostic filings had government support, with the U.S. National Institutes of Health leading other agencies.

For more information, read the report.

A graph that shows bars for micro, small, and undiscounted COVID-19 public patent filings, grouped left to right by company, individual, university/research/hospital, and government.

The USPTO released a report revealing that small companies and universities led the way in developing inventions to
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