Office Action Research Dataset for Patents

The Office Action Research Dataset for Patents contains detailed information derived from the Office actions issued by patent examiners to applicants during the patent examination process. The “Office action” is a written notification to the applicant of the examiner’s decision on patentability and generally discloses the grounds for a rejection, the claims affected, and the pertinent prior art. This initial release consists of three files derived from 4.4 million Office actions mailed during the 2008 to mid-2017 period from USPTO examiners to the applicants of 2.2 million unique patent applications.

A working paper describing this dataset is available and can be cited as Lu, Qiang and Myers, Amanda F. and Beliveau, Scott, USPTO Patent Prosecution Research Data: Unlocking Office Action Traits (November 20, 2017). USPTO Economic Working Paper No. 2017-10. Available at SSRN:

This effort is made possible by the USPTO Digital Services & Big Data portfolio and collaboration with the USPTO Office of the Chief Economist (OCE). The OCE provides these data files for public use and encourages users to identify fixes and improvements. Please provide all feedback to:


Data Files

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