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PatentsView is a patent data visualization and analysis platform that increases the value, utility, and transparency of U.S. patent data. The initiative is supported by the Office of the Chief Economist in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Updates from the PatentsView team

  • PatentsView now includes granted patents and pre-grant publications through December 31, 2023.
  • A new gender attribution process is applied to all inventors on granted and pre-grant publications.
  • Read the latest Data in Action post about how natural disasters affect innovation with evidence from Hurricane Katrina.
  • Annualized data files highlighting inventor gender, patents, and assignees were updated through June 2022.
  • OCE hosted a virtual symposium, Advancing research on inventor demographics, on Friday, August 26th. For more information, including speakers, agenda, and presentation slides, visit the conference page.
  • Read about the PatentsView platform and how patent data, data linkage, and machine learning algorithms used by PatentsView are advancing research and policy formulation.
  • Feature on gender and innovationcontains collections of research reports, visualizations of trends and differences by country, and data spotlights on gender and patenting. 
  • Methods and Sources section contains detailed descriptions of the data disambiguation, gender attribution, government interest, data pipeline, and the patent classes and technologies. 


About PatentsView

PatentsView regularly updates a database that links inventor and organizational patenting activity over time and includes documentation that presents all methods and sources. Customized algorithms provide:

  • entity resolution of inventors, organizations, and locations across pre-grant and granted patent publications (i.e., linking the same entities across different patent documents)
  • gender attribution of inventors; including a Gender and Innovation page that highlights research, data and visualizations, and recent news articles and blogs on women inventors
  • statements of government interest on patents and their attributes, like the organizations involved.

PatentsView delivers U.S. patent data that is fully discoverable and exploitable by end users:

  • explore annualized data files for inventor gender, patents, and assignees
  • highly flexible API serves programmers and application developers
  • bulk data download page allows users to work with the entire database in their preferred local environment
  • search and download query builder enables users to identify and retrieve particular subsets of the database
  • search and visualization interface provides the general public unique ways to interactively explore 40 years of U.S. patent data.

PatentsView uses data derived from USPTO bulk data files. These data are provided for research purposes and do not constitute the official USPTO record. For more insight, read about the PatentsView platform and how patent data, data linkage, and machine learning algorithms used by PatentsView are advancing research and policy formulation.


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