PatentsView is a patent data visualization and analysis platform intended to increase the value, utility, and transparency of US patent data. The initiative is supported by the Office of the Chief Economist in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). The PatentsView platform is built on a regularly updated database that longitudinally links inventors, their organizations, locations, and overall patenting activity.

PatentsView delivers US patent data in ways that enable it to be fully discoverable and exploitable by various end users. The highly flexible API serves programmers and application developers. The bulk data download page allows users to work with the entire database in their preferred local environment. The search and download query builder enables users to identify and retrieve particular subsets of the database. The search and visualization interface provides the general public unique ways to interactively explore 40 years of US patent data.

PatentsView uses data derived from USPTO bulk data files. These data are provided for research purposes and do not constitute the official USPTO record.

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