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New journal article – “Discovering value: Women’s participation in university and commercial AI invention”

OCE recently published a new article, "Discovering value: Women’s participation in university and commercial AI invention," in the journal Nature Biotechnology

Using the AI patent dataset and information on the gender of inventors in PatentsView, the article finds that women’s participation in patenting—both in AI and other technologies—is growing and associated with more diverse teams and patents with higher economic value. 

The figure below shows the difference in patent value for inventor teams containing an equal number of men and women relative to those with all men. Using patent values in 1982 dollars from Kogan et al. (2017), across all technologies, patents from gender balanced teams were $1.04M more valuable ($3.28M in 2023 dollars, adjusted using a consumer price index). The difference was substantially larger in biotechnology, at $3.48M ($10.99M in 2023 dollars), and even higher in biotechnology AI, at $11.53M ($36.42M in 2023 dollars).

The figure includes all patents issued in 1976-2020. For more information, read the article.

A bar graph showing the change in patent value for publicly traded company as proportion of women on patent team changes from 0% to 50%.


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