Office of Public Engagement

The Office of Public Engagement (OPE) is responsible for advancing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) mission to increase participation in the innovation ecosystem and educate people of the purpose and value of intellectual property and resources available to bring innovation to impact. 

The OPE strengthens the agency’s outreach to local and underrepresented American communities by overseeing the strategy, promotion and implementation of outreach, education, customer experience, and customer engagement activities across the USPTO. This coordinated effort allows the USPTO to impact a greater number of innovators and reach newer audiences within local and underrepresented communities.

OPE offices and programs 

Below is a list of OPE's offices, divisions and programs.

Regional Offices

The USPTO’s Regional Offices support the public engagement mission and goals of the USPTO by establishing and maintaining regional outreach connections with a variety of IP stakeholders through training and engagement activities. Regional Offices maintain, expand and increase outreach activities to underserved groups. The Regional Offices collaborate with all divisions of OPE to implement the USPTO engagement strategy to reach a variety of stakeholders across the nation.


Strategic Engagement Office

The Strategic Engagement Office (SEO) leads the OPE and the USPTO in defining, monitoring, and guiding implementation of the USPTO’s engagement, outreach, education, and customer experience strategies.  The SEO evaluates data, best practices, and seeks input from the Regional Offices, Community Engagement Office, and USPTO business units to define an enterprise engagement strategy.


Community Engagement Office

The Community Engagement Office (CEO) coordinates implementation of the USPTO engagement strategy across multiple programs reaching a variety of stakeholders though community outreach programs and public resources.

Office of Education

The Office of Education (OE) provides educational and outreach programming for students, educators, and young inventors and innovators of all ages.

Innovation Outreach Division

The Innovation Outreach Division (IOD) develops awareness and outreach programs and training for inventors, organizations, and universities.