Trademark Official Gazette Notices

This page presents the text of regular and special notices that appear in the Trademark Official Gazette (OG), although not in the electronic version of the OG. These notices include changes in trademark rules of practice and/or Office procedures, as well as notices to parties who cannot be reached by mail.

Trademark Official Gazette Notices - 2015

Proposed Amendments to Identifications Due to Technology Evolution

As part of the pilot program to allow amendments to identifications of goods and services in trademark registrations due to technology evolution, the USPTO will publish all proposed amendments that appear likely to be acceptable under the pilot prior to amending the registration so that interested parties may comment about proposed amendments prior to acceptance.

Trademark Official Gazette Notices - Prior Years

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Trademark Official Gazette Notices Arranged by Subject Matter

The text of the Trademark Official Gazette Notices arranged by subject matter.

USPTO Official Gazette Notices

The text of the combined Patent and Trademark Official Gazette Notices.