Trademark search system updates

We have transitioned to a cloud-based Trademark Search system, which provides a modern, more stable search experience. You'll find a simplified interface and new capabilities to meet your needs. 

Your feedback helps us continuously improve the system. If you want to send us your comments and suggestions, use the feedback button on the right side of any page within the search system. 

Introducing the Trademark search builder feature 

 We’ve launched a new feature to help you formulate your trademark searches. 

The search builder is a middle ground between searching with the drop-down menu and searching by field tag. This means you can create complex searches even if you’re still learning search syntax. 

To use the search builder: 

  1. Select Field tag and Search builder in the drop-down menu. 

  2. Select Search builder to reveal it. 

  3. Select the field you want to search. 

  4. Enter your search term.  

  5. Click Build 

  6. Refine your search by adding more criteria. 

Want to learn more about the search builder? Our federal trademark searching webinar series will cover the search builder starting June 7

Log in to for a new search feature 

We’ve heard your feedback on our new search system, and we’ve added a highly requested feature to improve your experience. 

We've introduced a new summary page that shows key information about each application or registration. Instead of requiring you to access the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system to learn more about each trademark, you can now easily view important details such as filing date, attorney information, and more.

To use this new feature: 

  • Make sure you’re logged in to your account during your search session. You can create a account now if you don't already have one. You don’t need to verify your identity to use this feature. 
  • Turn on expert mode and complete a search. 
  • Click on a trademark from your results to open the summary page in a new tab. 

You can easily save or print the summary page, or access TSDR if you need more detailed information. 

You can still search our trademark database without logging in. However, logging in will give you access to even more features and enhancements in the future, including options to customize your search experience based on your preferences. 

Need help? See our account FAQs.

Trademark search training webinars

Watch the recorded webinars below to learn how to use the system. They're intended for both new users and experienced practitioners. Each webinar builds upon the prior event and covers more complex subject matter. To view them in full-screen, click play, then click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of the video. 

You can also register for an upcoming Federal trademark searching: Overview webinar. These webinars repeat every two weeks and provide a brief demonstration of how the system works, along with a discussion of the likelihood of confusion analysis used when conducting a search. 

Are you a trademark practitioner or experienced searcher? Check out the transitioning from TESS handout to help you translate your search string syntax. 


Federal trademark searching: Getting started

Federal trademark searching: Getting started handout


Federal trademark searching: Field tag searching

Federal trademark searching: Field tag searching handout


Federal trademark searching: Field tag searching with regular expressions

Federal trademark searching: Field tag searching with regular expressions handout