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The latest versions of Chrome and Edge are supported. 

Yes, cookies must be enabled in order to access any functionality that requires your account for authentication and authorization.

For instructions on how to enable cookies, visit your browser's help resources:

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If you fail the reCAPTCHA after five unsuccessful attempts, copy and paste the code you receive as directed to complete the challenge.

If you are receiving a blank page, we recommend that you refresh your page.
• Windows: ctrl + F5
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MyUSPTO - Using MyUSPTO - Widgets

MyUSPTO widgets are small applications that display snippets of important information on the MyUSPTO homepage. Our widgets are shortcuts to larger USPTO applications and affiliated sites. 

Please click here.

These notifications are sent only as a courtesy. Failure by the USPTO to send a notification or non-receipt of a notification does not excuse you from complying with or meeting any relevant legal obligations, requirements, or deadlines. Always check the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) database to review status information and documents. 

Go to the Actions area within the Full screenFull screen view iconview of your docket to set your personalized view.

A prosecution history update occurs when some action has been taken on an application or registration. We identified certain history entries that our customers may want to know about because those entries may identify unauthorized changes.

A notification bell icon will appear when certain prosecution history entries are updated in cases in your docket. This bell also appears when updates are made to the status of cases in your docket.

A small subset of prosecution history changes was chosen because they may indicate unauthorized changes to a trademark case. This subset does not reflect all possible changes that can be made to cases in your docket.  We may add more history changes in a future release. 

Prosecution history updates included in the March 2018 release:

Change of owner information

  • Assignment of ownership not updated automatically        
  • Automatic update of assignment of ownership                             
  • Change of owner received from IB                                            
  • Change of owner received from IB                                            
  • TEAS change of owner address received               

Change of correspondence information

  • TEAS change of correspondence received                            

Change of attorney information

  • Attorney/domestic representative revoked and/or appointed                                 
  • TEAS withdrawal of attorney received – firm retains            
  • TEAS revoke/appoint/change address of attorney/domestic representative received       
  • TEAS newly appearing attorney received                          
  • TEAS attorney information removed – power of attorney ended          
  • Revocation/withdrawal of attorney received                      
  • TEAS withdrawal of attorney received                                 

Change of domestic representative information

  • TEAS change of domestic representative address                 
  • TEAS withdrawal as domestic representative received        

Amendments to record

  • TEAS voluntary amendment received                                                 
  • TEAS post publication amendment received                        
  • TEAS Section 7 request received                                                              
  • Section 7 request filed                                                                                          

Voluntary abandonment/surrender

  • TEAS express abandonment received                                                    
  • TEAS Section 7 surrender received                                         

From your MyUSPTO docket, click on the serial number to view the record in TSDR.

  • To see the current status, select the “Status” tab and scroll down to “Status” (underneath the Status Descriptor symbol).
  • To see the prosecution history entries, select the “Status” tab and scroll down to “Prosecution History” and click on it. To see the documents that correspond to the prosecution history entries, select the “Documents” tab. Check for a document with a date that matches or is near the date you received the prosecution history notification. Click on the document description to view the document that was submitted

If you are notified about a change to your application or registration that you did not authorize, including a change to one or more email addresses, email with the following information:

  1. Your name and phone number.
  2. The application serial numbers and/or registration numbers affected by the unauthorized changes.  
  3. The type of document or form that was filed (examples: Change of Correspondence Address form or Change of Owner Address form). 
  4. The date of the filing

MyUSPTO - Using MyUSPTO - Customer support

External customers (public callers):
Step 1: Call the USPTO Contact Center (UCC) at 1-800-786-9199 (toll-free) | 571-272-1000 (local) | 1-800-877-8339 (TTY)
Step 2: Choose option 3, then option 3 for accounts

Email Address:

General Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET (except federal holidays).

MyUSPTO - Using MyUSPTO - Basics

MyUSPTO is a personalized collection of widgets that serve you recent news, information, and status changes. We are adding new customizable features monthly to make your MyUSPTO homepage increasingly useful as a launch pad into your USPTO activities.

From the MyUSPTO homepage, you can change the placement of your widgets via the “Arrange widgets” button.  You can also add and remove widgets using the widget library by selecting the “Add widgets” button.