Log in to TEAS and TEASi

Set up your USPTO.gov account

To access the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) and TEAS International (TEASi), you need to log in to a USPTO.gov account with two-step authentication.

Identity verification for trademark filers

Identity verification is mandatory for USPTO.gov account holders to file through TEAS and TEASi. For most users, this one-time verification process can be completed online in less than 15 minutes. We also offer a paper verification process for those who do not wish to verify online. 

For more information, see identity verification for trademark filers.

Previous login information and resources

See our previously posted information and resources about the ongoing login protection initiative.

  • Logging in with two-factor authentication before you can access TEAS or TEASi forms.  
  • The 30-minute timeout after inactivity. You will receive a pop-up warning after 25 minutes of inactivity.

If you manage or use third-party systems that interact with TEAS, you're likely impacted by the TEAS login requirement. Please send any questions to TEAS@uspto.gov.

Video tutorial and Q&A about USPTO.gov account creation and login 

Watch the below video for a step-by-step tutorial on creating your USPTO.gov account. In this recorded webinar, you'll also hear useful questions asked by fellow trademark filers and answers from our team.

Help resources

If you can't use TEAS because you can't access your USPTO.gov account, we have resources to help you. The MyUSPTO and USPTO.gov account frequently asked questions page can help you resolve common issues.

If you need additional technical assistance, contact the Trademark Assistance Center. If you still can't access your account and your filing deadline is today, see our Filing documents during an outage page.