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This list of frequently asked questions provides answers to common customer questions about Financial Manager. For additional information or one-on-one assistance, you can send an email to sends e-mail) or call the USPTO Contact Center at 1-800-786-9199 (select option 3, then option 4).


Financial Manager - Deposit Account Management

Financial Manager - Financial Manager Reports

Transactions generally process and post within one hour. However, users may at times experience delays in the processing and posting of transactions on Financial Manager. Delays may be more noticeable during month-end closing.

Reference # can be found on any Financial Manager transaction report or monthly statement. The Reference # is the USPTO supplied identifier, such as Patent Application Number, Patent Number, Trademark Registration Number, Trademark Serial Number, etc., associated with your payment.

The Reference # is available at the transaction summary level for both payments and refunds. If the transaction included payments for multiple patents or trademarks at once, the transaction summary view will display “multiple” in the transaction summary column. When this occurs, the Reference # for each individual fee payment is listed in the transaction detail view, under Sale Item Reference #.

The Reference # is available at the transaction detail level for payments only, under Sale Item Reference #. To access the transaction detail view online, click on the expand (+) icon or transaction ID hyperlink from your monthly statement or transaction search report. Details on accessing transaction details in downloaded reports are available in the Financial Manager Reports Handbook.

Financial Manager - Financial Manager Reports - Other

Currently, Financial Manager allows you to generate reports for one stored payment method at a time. After July 2016, Financial Manager will offer a new feature that will allow users with Reporter permissions to search for transactions within an individual stored payment method or all of your payment methods of the same type (i.e. all credit/debit cards, all EFTs, or all deposit accounts). This will eliminate the need to search for transactions one payment method at a time.

Financial Manager - Stored Payment Method Management and Security

In Financial Manager, you have the ability to grant varying levels of permissions to allow other Financial Manager users to access, use, and/or manage your stored payment method(s). Your stored payment method is only accessible to users selected by you. Users can have one or multiple levels of access to the same stored payment method.

The permission levels are as follows:

  • Administrators are able to view and modify the administrative details of the stored payment method; delete or close a stored payment ethod; grant and remove other users' permission and access to the stored payment method; and, for deposit accounts, manage the withdrawal options.
  • Funds Managers are able to view the basic administrative details of a deposit account or EFT; add funds to a deposit account via deposit account or EFT; transfer funds between two deposit accounts; and withdraw funds from a deposit account (if allowed by the Administrator). Note that users must have Funds Manager permissions on both the deposit account being replenished and the funding source (deposit account of EFT) to add funds to a deposit account. This permission is available for deposit accounts and EFTs only.
  • Fee Payers are able to view the basic administrative details of the stored payment method and make payments to the USPTO using the stored payment method.
  • Reporters are able to view the basic administrative details of the stored payment method and develop, view, and share reports about the transactions associated with the stored payment method.

This feature allows organizations to assign permissions based on how each individual is involved with the USPTO fee payment process. For instance, if you're away on business and your organization's accounting team needs to access a deposit account statement, someone with Reporter permission can quickly download a statement anytime, anywhere. To learn more, download the Introduction to User Permissions.

Yes, multiple Fee Payers are able to simultaneously pay fees using the same stored payment method.

No, you can add as many Fee Payers to your stored payment method as makes sense for your organization.

At the USPTO, a stored payment method is an electronic payment method that you can save in the Financial Manager system. Financial Manager allows you to save information for three types of electronic payment methods:

  • -Credit/debit cards
  • -USPTO deposit accounts
  • -Electronic funds transfers (EFTs)

Storing your payment method information allows you to quickly pay fees to the USPTO without having to enter detailed information for each transaction.

Withdrawal functionality is turned off by default. Administrators may toggle on or off the ability to withdraw funds by check and/or EFT. The only users that are able to withdraw money from your deposit account (when enabled) are Funds Managers that you've assigned to help manage your account.

We encourage you to think critically about your User Permission settings and suggest assigning permissions in a manner that aligns with your organization's business processes. In addition, we encourage assigning Administrator and Funds Manager permissions to different users for increased security.

Financial Manager - Stored Payment Method Management and Security - Other

The message of the day will be used by the USPTO to quickly communicate updates to users including the status of our fee payment tools, new features, and actions required. It will appear at the top of the screen on the Fees Self Service Portal, Financial Manager homepage, USPTO payment page, the Patent Maintenance Fees Storefront, and other high traffic pages.

There is no limit to the number of credit cards, USPTO deposit accounts, and/or electronic funds transfer (EFT) accounts you can store in Financial Manager.

Financial Manager - Transitioning to Financial Manager

Yes, you can pay fees in any storefront (e.g. Patent Center, TEAS, etc.) using a payment method that is stored in Financial Manager.

Financial Manager's enhanced security features allow customers to pay fees with an EFT to the USPTO without authenticating the payment through an emailed link. EFT payments are processed immediately and you no longer receive an authentication email before the payment is accepted.

As of August 2016, all deposit accounts and EFTs must be stored in Financial Manager in order to be used for payments or reporting. Payment methods that were not migrated by the migration have been deactivated. For deposit accounts, any remaining balance will be returned via mailed check. To expedite your refund, download the deposit account closure request form and submit the completed form to EFTs that were not migrated to Financial Manger by the deadline can be added as a new payment method, but will undergo the eight business day authentication process again.

You can easily set up a new deposit account, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or stored credit card in Financial Manager. Simply follow the steps outlined in the Financial Manager Quick Start Guide to get started.


No, your personal and payment method information and history was not automatically moved from Financial Profile to Financial Manager. This is because Financial Manager's enhanced user permissions requires information that wasn't available in Financial Profile. However, you can easily set up a new deposit account, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and stored credit card in Financial Manager. If you need assistance, with your payment methods, you can send an email to or call the USPTO Contact Center at 1-800-786-9199 (select option 3, then option 4).

Financial Profile was replaced by the reporting features offered in Financial Manager. Financial Profile was turned off and you can now use Financial Manager to research payment history, generate and download printable transaction reports, retrieve monthly statements, and more.

Like the old system, Financial Manager allows you to monitor the date and amount of every transaction between the USPTO and your stored payment method. Financial Manager broadens this service, offering reports that show both high level and detailed information about your transactions. The user permissions feature enables you to control which users can view and download these reports as PDF, Excel, and/or CSV files. Enhanced filters and sorting capabilities also make it easier for you to quickly find the information you need.

Financial Manager - Transitioning to Financial Manager - Other

It may take up to an hour for all of your transactions to load in Financial Manager once you have migrated your payment method. If your transaction report appears to be missing transactions an hour after migrating the payment method, please verify that your search parameters (date, transaction amount, etc.) are correct.

If your transactions do not display after an hour or more, please contact the USPTO Help Desk at 1-800-786-9199 or send an email to

Financial Manager requires each user to have their own account. This new requirement enables Financial Manager's user permission settings, which gives organizations increased control over who can access their accounts and how.

Users should not create a shared account for their organization, as this compromises your organization's ability to monitor and control payment method activity.

This is a generic system error message that often displays if you've entered incorrect account credentials. Please make sure that you have entered the email address you used to create your account when signing in.