Hispanic voices

 Portrait of, from left to right, Jorge Ortiz-Criado, Arleen Vazquez and Maria Santos

Hispanic employees make a big impact at the USPTO, day in and day out.

They are leaders, innovators, risk-takers and influencers.  They are trail-blazers.  And in June 2009, engineers at the USPTO formed the first US government professional chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, SHPE-USPTO(link is external).

SHPE-USPTO programs foster the professional, educational and cultural support that members rely on for career advancement and success at USPTO. In partnership with the agency's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity as well as the Office of Human Resources, SHPE-USPTO's work is also focused on targeted hiring efforts to help increase the number of Hispanic employees.  

SHPE-USPTO also played an instrumental role in supporting the expansion of the agency’s telework program to Puerto Rico. As of April 2016, interested and eligible employees now have another telework option outside of the USPTO's 50-mile commuting radius from which to work and call home without the requirement to report back to the Alexandria campus. Agency leadership expect that this step will not only help the USPTO’s efforts to spur innovation in more regions, but that it will also and enhance the Puerto Rican economy by bringing federal employee positions to the island.  

Patriotism and a strong commitment to serve our country is evident in our own Hispanic employees at the USPTO who provide a richness in skill, creativity, thought leadership and determination. 

With an emerging new generation of Hispanics taking more leadership roles within the agency and opening doors for others to follow, the USPTO serves as a great example of the benefits of diversity for the community and for the nation.

Learn more about SHPE-USPTO(link is external) and our latest job opportunities(link is external).  Also be sure to check out our Hispanic Heritage Month video:

Below, meet a few of our employees who love what they do, where they work and, most importantly, making a difference.

Portrait of Jorge Ortiz-Criado

Jorge Ortiz-Criado

Supervisory Patent Examiner

“Success is a common denominator here...and what I like most about working at the USPTO is that you can own your success.”   After meeting a team of USPTO…

Marivelisse Santiago-Cordero

Marivelisse Santiago-Cordero

Supervisory Patent Examiner

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Portrait of Maria Santos

Maria Santos

Patent Examiner

  "USPTO is awesome at providing a real sense of community."   When work starts to feel like a home away from home and your coworkers quickly turn from friends into…

Portrait of Arleen Vazquez

Arleen Vazquez

Supervisory Patent Examiner

  "Coaching and mentoring is one of the most fulfilling parts of what I do."   Let’s face it. It can be a bit scary to leave everyone and everything you’ve ever…