Glorimar Maldonado

Diversity Officer

“The best part of my job is the team I lead. They are the backbone of the Diversity Program and amazing people and professionals.”

For the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s inaugural Diversity Officer Glorimar ‘Glo’ Maldonado, every day at work is a celebration of education and advocacy.

In her critical role within the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity (OEEOD), she has the pleasure of leading the agency’s strategy to foster diversity and inclusion.

About Glo

Glo moved around a lot growing up, as her parents, originally from Puerto Rico, served in the Air Force. She then attended Flagler College for her undergraduate degree in English, history, and psychology, and Grand Canyon University for her graduate degree in leadership.

She later became interested in joining the USPTO after hearing many great things about it from friends and colleagues.

“Everyone I knew who came to work here stayed here—they never left! So I applied when an opportunity presented itself,” she explains.

Finding the right fit

It turns out that both the role and the agency are just the right fit for Glo’s passions for learning, education, and helping others. Her daily work consists of a mix of data analysis, creative problem solving, collaboration, and negotiation, and even fun meme sharing with her team.

“The best part of my job is the team I lead,” Glo shares. “They are the backbone of the Diversity Program and amazing people and professionals.” 

Glo’s mantra for success is to leave things better than how you found them—and that’s the mindset she brings to work each day. She is energized by seeing the positive impact of her work, which she describes as “employees learning, growing, contributing, and being their best selves because they feel seen, heard, valued, and respected.”

For others considering a career in her same field, she advises they maintain a sense of humor. “You’re going to need it!” she explains. “It’s part of developing resilience, because you may be told ‘no’ more than you are told ‘yes.’ Celebrate the small wins and learn from the misfires. Remember that what you do for one, you do for all. And be sure to do what’s right because it’s right, not for accolades or exposure.”

Culture and work-life balance

Glo describes the USPTO’s culture as “one big melting pot.” This is encouraged, in part, by the agency’s many employee organizations. Glo is a member of many groups and supports all of them.

“It’s not difficult to find community at the USPTO. We have 47 employee organizations formed around a shared cultural background or interest; there are tons of events and activities taking place year-round that are open to anyone who may be interested,” she explains. For example, some of these organizations are featured on our Hispanic voices webpage, where Glo is also highlighted.

The result of that diverse community is a workplace culture that is as positive as it is flexible.

“I am supported at all levels and am empowered to do my job,” Glo explains. “We also have a legitimate Community Day—a celebration of our agency and all of the communities and people here, and it’s mind-blowingly amazing!”

Outside of work, Glo enjoys learning Korean, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and painting miniatures. She also attends the Maryland Renaissance Festival in a costume every year and is a “bonus mom” to five kids.