Stakeholder Testimonials


A variety of U.S. companies, associations, and stakeholders describe below the importance and value of USPTO’s IP attachés and the important work the attachés do around the world.


Stakeholder survey highlights

Three pie charts showing the satisfaction of U.S. stakeholders who worked with an IP Attaché. 96% were “Very likely” to recommend IP attaché services, 94% received a “fast” response to request for assistance, and 97% found that the assistance they received was “helpful” or better.
Based on a recent survey of 80 U.S. stakeholders who worked with an IP attaché.
  • “IP attaché assistance ... is great. The collaboration is educational, and training activities have been superb.”
  • “The IP attaché was very knowledgeable, interested in the issues I brought to her attention and made suggestions and offered assistance. It was an extremely interesting and beneficial meeting.”
  • “IP attaché presence is a very powerful tool to promote IP rights and coordinate enforcement initiatives with local government in Latin America.”