IP attaché services


IP Attachés meet with stakeholders at an American Bar Association meeting in Long Beach, California.



Services the IP attachés provide:

The USPTO’s IP attachés advocate for the benefit of U.S. stakeholders to improve policies, laws, and regulations that protect IP abroad, including:

  • Raising issues with foreign government officials
  • Providing training on IP law, enforcement, and administration
  • Conducting public awareness programs
  • Presenting and explaining U.S. government positions

The attachés also provide information to help U.S. stakeholders entering foreign markets or conducting business abroad, including:

  • How to navigate foreign laws and regulations
  • How foreign courts and governments work
  • How to protect and enforce IP abroad

IP Attaché Program stakeholder survey:

Based on a recent survey of 80 U.S. stakeholders who worked with an IP attaché during the previous seven months:

  • 94% indicated they received a “fast” response to request for assistance
  • 97% found that the assistance they received was “helpful” or better
  • 96% would be “very likely” to recommend IP attaché services

What our stakeholders are saying: 

View some of the comments of U.S. stakeholders who responded to a survey asking them about their experiences with the IP attachés.