IP attaché services

IP Attachés meet with stakeholders at an American Bar Association meeting in Long Beach, California.

The Intellectual Property (IP) Attaché Program works to improve IP systems internationally by directly assisting U.S. stakeholders (such as businesses, legal representatives, and rights holders) and by advocating to improve IP policies, laws, and regulations abroad. In fiscal year 2022, the IP Attache Program assisted 8,818 U.S. Stakeholders.

IP attachés advocate for the benefit of U.S. stakeholders to improve policies, laws, and regulations that protect IP abroad. Four real-life examples of these services are listed on the case studies page.

Services include:

  • Raising issues with foreign government officials
  • Providing training on IP law, enforcement, and administration
  • Conducting public awareness programs
  • Presenting and explaining U.S. government positions

IP attachés also provide information to help U.S. stakeholders entering foreign markets or conducting business abroad, including:

  • How to navigate foreign laws and regulations
  • How foreign courts and governments work
  • How to protect and enforce IP abroad

Please watch the video below for more about IP attaché services.