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USPTO's IT systems

This page describes recent improvements and new features of USPTO online systems.

For the latest information on operating status and availability of online systems, please visit the systems status page.

MyUSPTO is your personalized homepage and gateway to your USPTO business. You won’t need to remember multiple logins or passwords, system names or URLs to do business with the USPTO. Eventually you will only need to remember one. Sign up for your account on the login page if you don’t already have one.

The MyUSPTO home page is something you can personalize, and actively manage your IP portfolio. It is anchored by several useful docket widgets for tracking patent applications and grants, and trademark registrations and post-registration statuses. There are over 10 other widgets in the widget library that can be added to the MyUSPTO home page, and more widgets are on the roadmap to be created.

We built MyUSPTO based on years of user comments and are constantly looking to improve – please provide your feedback at MyUSPTO feedback forum on IdeaScale.

Friday Dec 15, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from December 15, 2017

In this release, we removed the 20 item limit for collections for the Patent docket widget.  You can create as many collections as you need and add up to 1000 items per collection. Try it and let us know what you think. 

 In addition, the Trademark docket widget [and corresponding emails] now include easy access to trial proceeding information. 

 For those who have chosen to enroll in the optional extra layer of security for your account, there is a second option for receiving an authentication code.  You can choose to receive the code via email or by using an app that generates the key on your mobile device.  Go to the Two-step authentication section of your account details page to learn more.

Friday Nov 10, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from November 10, 2017

In this release, you can now see which items have changed status over the past 14 days in your Patent Docket. In addition, we implemented a notification feature that allows you to receive an email when a status changes on items within a collection.

In the account area, there is now an ability to identify your interest as either patents, trademarks or both. This will help tailor your MyUSPTO experience as new widgets are added.

Monday Aug 28, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from August 26, 2017

The customize columns feature allows you to choose what data fields are displayed on the full screen view of your Patent or Trademark docket. Find it in the Full screen view Full screen view icon of your docket.

Reminder to Trademark post-registration docket users: We are deactivating this widget and have eliminated the ability to create new collections and to add items to existing collections. Please move your collections to the Trademark docket.

Friday Jul 14, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from July 14, 2017

In this release, we introduced an optional extra layer of security for your account. You can choose to sign-in with the extra security of two steps–the first with the email address and password as you always have, and the second with a special code that is sent separately via email.

There are other changes as well. We have updated the notification feature on the trademark docket. You now have the ability to select which notifications you would like to receive individual collection level.  This allows you to receive only the emails for status changes on items of interest

Also, MyUSPTO will now notify you when a new Trademark Official Gazette was published. Turn on notifications in the Trademark Official Gazette widget. 

Let us know what you think at MyUSPTO feedback forum on IdeaScale.

Thursday May 25, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from May 25, 2017

You spoke and we listened.  In this release, we removed the 20 item limit for collections for the TM docket widget.  You can create as many collections as you need and add up to 1000 applications and registered trademarks per collection.  And when adding items to your collection, in addition to serial and registration number, you now have the ability to search on applicant owner, mark literal or attorney name. Try it and out and let us know what you think.

Saturday Apr 22, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from April 22, 2017

This April release introduces a new Trademark Docket which allows you to view both applications and registered trademarks in one convenient location.  This docket was created in response to user feedback, highlighting the need for this single location.

Saturday Mar 25, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from March 25, 2017

In this March release, based on user feedback, we added the docket number and customer number to the patent docket.

Friday Feb 24, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from February 24, 2017

In this February release, based on user feedback, we’ve made the user-provided docket number available in the Trademark dockets. The docket number will also be in the Trademark status change notification emails that go out to users who have opted-in to receive them.  

Thursday Jan 19, 2017

MyUSPTO release notes from January 19, 2017

In this January release, we have enhanced our trademark dockets based on end-user feedback. Users will now be able to search and add multiple items at a time to their trademark dockets. Try it out and let us know on our Ideascale page what you think.

Also in this release are updates to the tutorial (accessible under the MyUSPTO help link upon signing in).

Monday Dec 12, 2016

MyUSPTO release notes from December 17, 2016

In this December release, we are introducing a new page header on the MyUSPTO home page that will allow users to quickly navigate to different systems to perform transactional tasks. This header will continue to evolve based on feedback.

Also in this December release are minor enhancements to the trademark dockets.