Apply by March 31 to the USPTO’s National Summer Teacher Institute!

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Teachers at NSTI celebrate the invention education knowledge they have gained and will soon incorporate into their classrooms (Photo by Hank McDonald/USPTO)

Apply by March 31 to the USPTO’s National Summer Teacher Institute!

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Are you a teacher looking to equip your students with the confidence to solve real world problems? The USPTO’s National Summer Teacher Institute on Innovation, STEM and Intellectual Property (NSTI) is an excellent opportunity to do just that!

NSTI is an annual hands-on professional development program for K-12 educators to learn classroom techniques that will foster and unleash the innovator in every student through invention education. We are accepting applications from educators until March 31 to join us for this year's summer session from July 16-21 in St. Louis. The program has no fee for participants, and our NSTI frequently asked questions include additional information on travel and lodging.

Intellectual property (IP) touches nearly every sector of daily life, so the concepts in the NSTI program are applicable across all educational fields. And the value goes beyond the classroom – our recent study found that IP-intensive industries account for 41% of the U.S. gross national product, while workers in IP-intensive industries earn higher wages and are more likely to have better benefits.

Learn about the USPTO's National Summer Teacher Institute (NSTI)

At NSTI, you will build the skills you need to incorporate key IP and STEM topics into your curricula, develop strategies to help students understand and appreciate the importance of innovation and creativity, and, where feasible, commercialize their own inventive works! You will have the opportunity to work with USPTO experts to explore patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. You will also have access to several “maker spaces” focused on various technologies, from additive manufacturing - where you can use industrial 3D printers and laser cutters, to unmanned aerial systems, where you can control a drone by talking to it, using gestures, or through virtual/augmented reality. You can learn the latest on urban water research and preventing public health disasters, as well as engineering next-generation technologies to bridge the gap between humans and technology, and much more. What you learn will help you design and build prototypes as part of your week-long invention project. Sound fun? It is!

In addition to the hands-on experience, you will also receive valuable resources to take back to your classroom. These resources include teaching materials, lesson plans, and activities that align with national standards and can be customized to meet the needs of different grade levels, subject areas, and abilities. And by making connections with other educators from around the country, you can continue to share best practices and ideas for classroom instruction.

Teachers participate in a STEM activity at NSTI

Teachers participate in a STEM activity at the National Summer Teacher Institute (Photo by Jay Premack/USPTO)

One of the most significant benefits of attending NSTI is the impact it can have on your students. You'll leave with more tools to help them develop the critical thinking skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. You can also inspire them to pursue careers in STEM fields, where the demand for skilled workers is high. You might even lead them to earning a patent for an invention!

NSTI participant, Doug Scott, headshot and quote, "NSTI is a great way to make yourself a more informed and well-rounded educator, no matter your discipline. You'll bring new innovation and interest in invention to your students."

Learn more about NSTI participant and winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Doug Scott in our Journeys of Innovation story.

By participating in NSTI, not only will you gain valuable knowledge and skills, but you will also become part of a network of educators committed to making a positive impact on your students. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and inspire the next generation of innovators and creators.

We look forward to seeing your application!

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