Invention-Con 2018: From Concept to Commercialization


Banner for the Invention-Con 2018 conference showing a lightbulb shape made of many small invention emojis.

See the Invention-Con 2018 agenda and speaker list. The event covered a wide variety of topics, including:



The USPTO's annual Invention-Con is a chance for  independent inventors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and intellectual property (IP) professionals to learn from top government and private sector experts. This year’s theme was “Your IP: A power tool for building success.” Participants took the opportunity to:

  • Learn from accomplished innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to use IP to achieve success
  • Learn about resources available to assist innovators
  • Receive valuable information to assist with developing an IP strategy
  • Learn about IP networks

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This event is part of a series: Invention-Con