Trademark Initial Application Form Comparison Chart

The USPTO has created three versions of the electronic initial application form: TEAS Plus, TEAS Reduced Fee (TEAS RF), and TEAS Regular.   TEAS Plus is the least expensive and most streamlined application.  In exchange for completing all fields in the form marked with a red asterisk, selecting your listing of goods and services from the ID Manual, and agreeing to conduct correspondence electronically, you receive a heavily reduced filing fee.  With TEAS RF, you do not have to file a complete initial application, but you must agree to conduct correspondence electronically.  In exchange, you receive a moderately reduced filing fee.  If you can't file a complete initial application and don't want to conduct correspondence electronically, you can file a TEAS Regular application, for the standard filing fee.  This comparison chart will help you choose which initial application form is best for you.  


Requirements TEAS Plus TEAS Reduced Fee (TEAS RF) TEAS Regular
Filing fee per class of goods/services  $225 $275 $400
E-mail address required for USPTO application-related correspondence  Yes Yes No
Additional submissions, like responses to Office actions, must be filed online Yes Yes No
Goods/services listing must be selected from the USPTO Trademark Identification (ID) Manual Yes No No
Full Filing fee paid upfront (per class for all classes listed on the application) Yes No No
Certain statements regarding the mark be provided in the application as filed, if applicable (e.g., translation statement, claim of ownership, color claim and description) Yes - see TMEP §819.01  No No
If you are a foreign-domiciled applicant, you must designate a U.S.-licensed attorney as your representative Yes No No
Additional processing fee if applicant does not satisfy the relevant filing option requirements  Yes - $125 per class of goods/services Yes - $125 per class of goods/services No